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Carolynne – Coming Back To Me – EP – Review

Carolynne is a Yorkshire based singer songwriter who has been in the music scene for years. First coming to our attention during talent show Fame Academy, Carolynne has been working hard since, writing her own material, playing various gigs and even appearing as one of the live show contestants on the X Factor. Carolynne should have won that competition but with no disrespect to Gary Barlow, he had no clue what to do with a country singer which was a shame as the UK country community were really excited to have someone representing a stereotyped and misunderstood genre that we hoped she could turn around but with Gary attempting to countrify Nicki Minaj’ Starships, it sadly did not go in her favour. This is not a negative though as it gave Carolynne the ability to focus on her own music, her own direction and to find a home in the UK country community which she certainly has.

More recently, Carolynne has been appearing at various country music festivals including C2C and has released country singles Take The Keys and I Love You But Shut Up.

On April 7th, Carolynne will release her debut EP titled Coming Back To Me and she co writes every track on the EP apart from her cover of The Supremes Stop In The Name Of Love.

Carolynne has one of the strongest and most natural voices in the UK and pulls in similarities to LeAnn Rimes and Jewel.

Stop In The Name Of Love – is a beautiful cover version of the original Supremes classic and has been beautifully countrified in such a way that Carolynne truly makes the song her own. This version is very current and gives an already wonderful song a lovely new life and soul.

Cupid Must Have Been High – a nice infectious country song with a great melody that has a fun rhythm and Blues style to it and an element of Jazz.

Real Man – a really fun pop country track which leans towards a Shania Twain style. This is a great fun- lovin , up beat tune that you can imagine being played loudly in country music clubs as is great to dance along to. This is by far my favourite track off the EP and is where Carolynne’s vocals shine the most. I think that she needs to explore this side and style of the genre more and produce a lot more songs in this area as this song really stands out and is wonderfully catchy with great tongue and cheek lyrics. This song grabbed my attention from the moment it started.

Let Me Unlove You – a really beautiful and melodious track and Carolynne’s voice has a more raw and passionate tone during this song which is really stunning. This is another strong song and again another direction I hope Carolynne sticks too. The melody is really gorgeous and the song strengthens as it escalates and has a nice traditional country feel to it.

Coming Back To Me – this is a wonderful country ballad which is very fitting to todays US market as well as belonging on mainstream UK radio. The melody is so strong with it’s brilliant use of instruments that give the song a more forceful, bigger and louder sound. This song has an honest, emotive and truly passionate drive which is really powerful and the perfect ending to a brilliant EP.

Overall this is a lovely EP with really nice songs that have a lot to offer. With UK country starting to dominate the charts with Ward Thomas having a UK number one album and The Shires having the fastest ever selling UK country album, there is definitely room in the market for more UK country and Carolynne can certainly fill that void. Carolynne has more than proven over the years that she has a lot of talent to offer and I really hope that this is her time, goodness knows she has worked incredibly hard over the years so she certainly deserves it.

You can pre order Coming Back To Me below and for £2.99 for five tracks, well that’s a steal!

Coming Back to Me – EP by Carolynne


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