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Jonathan Terrell – Color Me Lucky – EP Review

By Hannah Compton

Jonathan Terrell is a country-folk/Americana singer-songwriter from Texas. He has released a number of albums, been on various tours and has received praise from all over the world. In late 2016, Jonathan released his EP Color Me Lucky. 

Jonathan Terrell has roots music in his blood. Born into a large family of former cult-member musicians, he entered this world in the back room of a trailer hidden out among the deep pines of East Texas. In his younger years, playing in the church band and working horses was all he knew.

Since moving to Austin, Texas, Terrell has bloomed into a well-respected songwriter of deeply moving and resonant country-folk music explorations. Although he’s graced the stage with country legends such as Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard and supported acts such as Chris Stapleton and ZZ Top, Terrell never fully rests on traditional country music. “A good song is a good song” says JT. Pulling inspiration from dreamscapes and in-depth stories from the gorgeous and gritty corners of Americana, Terrell is undoubtedly a new breed of America and country music. He received international praise for his 2008 full-length solo debut ‘Trials and Stimulations’, and then began work on his next record until shelving the project in 2011 to front the charismatic, ever-touring rock’n’roll band Not In The Face.

In 2015 Terrell released his unshelved Americana gem ‘Past the Lights of Town’ on Candy Bang Records followed by residencies in NYC, DC and Philadelphia; a UK tour, and a run of sold-out shows in France. Terrell has now returned to these roots and has recorded a new EP, ‘Color Me Lucky’ for which he has worked to craft his songs into an enchanting collection of yearning and bravado, of heartbreak and redemption.

Jonathan has a very mesmerising and extraordinary feel to his music which has a nice peaceful, strong, soulful country, Americana sound mixed with a bit of blues and soul. His voice has a pure, raw and slight rough ( in a great way) tone and is the type of voice that you could listen to all day.

His EP is really a great listen. The first track Color Me Lucky is almost hypnotising and has a beautiful sleepy melody. The song is slightly Anthemic, I can imagine it being featured in a movie in a really key moment. It has a great whistling moment too which is really infectious and the song is rather ambient.

Thinking About You – a great mid tempo track with a really nice toe tapping beat and great use of traditional country instruments which gives the song a bit more edge. The chorus is really memorable and has a lovely instrumental bridge.

Faye – is a more upbeat track with solid chord guitar work. This song is truly single worthy and really addictive. I just love the general melody and beat to this song and Jonathan’s voice really stands out as shows a different side of his vocal ability.

It’s Not Me ( But It Could Be) – another mid tempo song that again is simply brilliant. The sound of the pedal steel guitar is gorgeous and gives the song a strong country feel.

Something about Jonathan’s music is just so engaging and appealing. Elements of his sound reminds me a bit of Cowboy Junkies if they were male fronted, a bit of Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, David Gray, Ray La Montagne, Andrew Combs and someone else that I just can’t put my finger on. With even a slight similarity of any of the mentioned vocalists proves the standard of his talent and how much he is worth listening to, which is a lot, very much worth a listen.

The instrumentation in his music is simply beautiful and very detailed which makes for a great sound throughout.

Jonathan Terrell is a fantastic artist who I am really excited to hear more from. I would absolutely love to see Jonathan live as think his music would translate beautifully in a live setting.

This EP is a must, not just for country music lovers, but music lovers in general.

You can purchase his EP Color Me Lucky here: Color Me Lucky – EP by Jonathan Terrell

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