Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Bailey Bryan gains the love and respect of thousands whilst shining on The Yamaha stage at C2C Festival

Bailey Bryan is an up and coming country artist from Sequim, WA. Nominated alongside Drake White for New Artist Of Tomorrow by the Grammys, Bailey has also been tagged the ‘Next Big Thing’ by not just the industry but country music fans too.

Bailey released her first music video for the song Own It earlier this year with the press release stating;

A groundbreaking new music video from Bailey Bryan perfectly supplements her infectious debut single “Own It.” Her danceable anthem is for anyone with self-doubt, awkward moments and imperfections. It’s a reminder that flaws and scars can also be beauty marks. Premiering on People’s Snapchat and on, Country music’s first vertical music video is optimally viewed on mobile devices as it reflects and integrates the 18-year-old’s generation’s dexterity with social media.

Produced by Green Shoe Studios, Bryan says both song and video are autobiographical — she’s wild but nerdy, awkward in conversation but “Shakespeare when I’m texting.” And her dance moves?

I actually felt really good about that dancing and then I watched the video back and was like, ‘Well that’s perfect,’” Bryan says laughing at herself. “You kind of learn a lot of random things about me by the end of it — but more importantly the words in that song really are the message I wanna send to people.”

When Bailey was announced as one of The Yamaha Stage acts for Country 2 Country Festival, I was incredibly pleased and highly impressed that the C2C organisers had brought her over so early on in her career but then again, they have a good eye for fresh new talent and an ear for knowing who is going to make it big and I would say that Bailey is definitely one of those artists.

Appearing on The Yamaha Stage after Dan + Shay’s performance and an introduction by Drake White, Bailey starts her set with A Long Drive Home. Never having seen Bailey live before, I really enjoyed seeing her acoustically as my first time. Bailey has a sweet sounding tone to her voice and is an undeniable talent. Her stage presence was almost timid but I think she was just incredibly overwhelmed by being at the festival and by the crowd she drew and this made her even more likeable. Thousands of people stayed in the arena to watch her perform with many gathered around the Yamaha Stage which no doubt made her feel welcome and appreciated.

Used To was next and Bailey really got a chance to show off her vocal ability which can often get lost in a performance if overshadowed by louder instruments but as she was acoustic, this really went in her favour.

Bailey ended her set with Own It, her debut and so far only released song. Having heard this quite a lot this year, I was very excited and loved the acoustic version, it sounded so different and in a wonderful way. It was great to hear a different version and different visions of the song and just how much potential it has to be played many different ways. The studio version is also really very good and incredibly infectious as it is such a fun uplifting country pop track with a little element of hip hop.

Bailey is certainly an artist to watch and I predict great things from her. I hope she makes a return to our little island soon.

Set list:

A Long Drive Home
Used To
Own It


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