Indigo Summer release new music video for Pop, Fizz, Clink

img_5369Indigo Summer have been a huge part of Building Our Own Nashville since the very beginning and were one of the first artists we ever featured. We are proud to be supporting them and in my opinion, they are one of the best things to ever happen to Country Pop music in a long time – we just need Nashville and the rest of the world to wake up and take notice now. Many have, don’t get me wrong, they are gaining a lot of recognition and it is truly deserved, I just want them to be as big as they could potentially be and I really hope that it happens.


Pop, Fizz, Clink is the new single from the country duo. This fun-lovin, up beat track is the best kind of catchy and has a really infectious sound. The melody is really nice and well crafted and the lyrics are clever and enjoyable. Bryan and Hope, who make up Indigo Summer never fail to impress with the high standard of material they put out on each single. This is the kind of song I would love to hear on country radio. It is a feel-good song, a song to sing with your girlfriends or guy friends with your hairbrushes, a song to play loudly in the car or a song just to listen to at home. Either way, it will get your toes tappin’ for sure and you will be singing along in no time.

The video for Pop, Fizz, Clink is released today, check it out below. I asked Bryan to give us a little inside info in the video which he kindly commented on.

We were honored to work with our friend Stephen Byrum again on this video. Once we decided “Pop, Fizz, Clink” was going to be our first single of the year, we wanted three things: Hope wanted glitter, I wanted a house party, and of course, we had to have champagne. It turned out to be a perfect recipe and we are really excited about this video. We invited some friends, bought a bunch of champagne, a massive amount of confetti, and threw a dance party for everyone. It was the most fun we’ve had at a video shoot; it didn’t even feel like a video shoot at times, we were having so much fun. Stephen did an amazing job of capturing it all as well. I think fans are going to watch this video, see how much fun we were genuinely having, and feel like they were there with us!”


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