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Southern Halo – Album Review

img_5370By Hannah Compton

Southern Halo are a sibling band who consist of Natalia, Hannah and Christina Morris. Natalia is the main vocals, Hannah is on the bass guitar and Christina is on drums. They all sing on the album and from what I have heard on the cd, it sounds as if they each take a part on lead vocal on some songs. Despite being siblings, the girls each bring individuality to the mix, their voices are completely different and blended together, they reach perfect harmonies.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Southern Halo’s album. It was one of those albums that when you put it into your cd player you think to yourself, oh please be good. Well I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I had seen two music videos prior to listening to the album and they were for the two singles Rewind and Little White Dress. In all honesty, the two songs didn’t really resonate with me when I watched the videos, not really sure why. The video’s were great so it wasn’t through lack of creativity visually but I do get distracted easily when watching anything lately so I didn’t really hear the songs properly. However…listening to the songs on the stereo with the volume up loud and driving around in my car, I heard the songs in a completely different way and thoroughly enjoyed them, in particular Little White Dress.img_5372

Southern Halo are like a female Dan + Shay but with three members rather than two. They also pull in elements of an early Taylor Swift and Sam Hunt. The songs all have interesting story-telling lyrics that are mostly relatable and fun to listen to. All the songs have great, infectious melodies with a wonderful use of instrumentation including various traditional country instruments. As far as pop country goes, you can’t go wrong with Southern Halo and with this album. I think that there is a little of something for everyone on this album. They certainly have the appeal for a younger audience but at the same time, they can easily reach a more mature fan base with their killer vocals and astonishing use of detail instrumentally.

I would be very interested to see them in a live setting as think that it would be a totally different experience. I have the feeling they are going to be one of those groups with harmonies that will completely fill a room and leave everyone in awe. Since they are coming to the UK just after C2C Festival, I am hoping to get myself to one of their shows and highly recommend that you go too. They will be playing;

The Garage, London 18th March
Bodega, Nottingham 19th March
Gullivers, Manchester 20th March
Hug & Pint, Glasgow 21st March
Jumpin’ Jack’s, Newcastle 22nd March

Tickets available here:!shows/c12yc


Southern Halo’s debut album can be purchased here;

Southern Halo by Southern Halo

It is also available on CD and Vinyl here:!shop/cro7

I have listed below my favourite tracks off the album with a brief review.

Don’t Wanna Move On – this is where the album leans towards a more serious, mature sound. This song is my favourite off the album and is down-tempo. I know I keep mentioning other artists and their similarities but I point out the similarities in a positive way and this song has a slight Sam Hunt sound to it and I think that’s down to the slight R’N’B vibe to the song. I love the harmonies of this song and the end of the chorus, so addictive.

Moonshine – This song is so sweet and reminds me so much of early Taylor Swift and if you have ever listened to her unreleased early music, this could easily be one of those songs. Whilst the vocals sounds rather youthful, whichever sister sings this, she is my favourite vocalist of the three.  Her voice is really pretty and she has a lovely sweet sounding tone and she hits this one note on this song in a really infectious way that for me, makes the song that much more Impressive.

Little White Dress is the first track off the album and it has immediate effect as the song starts with the girls singing a capella and their harmonies are truly beautiful and it stops you in your tracks. The song then flows into a very catchy pop country song with a really infectious melody which is very memorable. It has a countrified Abba style to it in places which I really like.

Over You – a beautiful song that has a stunning emotional way about it with a heavenly, dreamy melody. The intro has gorgeous, ghostly, echoing harmonies that already convince you that the song is going to be great.

Life Rolls On – a really nice song about friends and how things change as you get older such as people themselves or just their lives. A real true and relatable song that lightly touches on the experiences that we all have to eventually go through, it’s hard but life rolls on. The song has a nice early Taylor Swift style to it and is a song I think fans of Taylor will love.

Rewind – the first song I heard by the girls. It has a nice summery, catchy melody and has a very youthful vibe to it but I still think it will reach a wide range of audiences of all ages. It’s a harmless, up beat, fun-lovin track.

Overall a fantastic cd that needs to be heard and these girls have an amazing career ahead of them which I cannot wait to watch grow. I hope you check out their music and shows.


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