Introducing Singer/Songwriter January and her single ‘Too Soon’



January Thompson was born in Los Angeles, California but now based in the UK after working with a host of underground DJs and producers. Often compared to the likes of Kate Bush and Bjork, January’s latest album, ‘Whelmed’ is soft and tender with an extreme aesthetic discipline. Her songs melt inextricably into each other with a sonic palette of synth oscillations and atmospheric reverb, advancing and receding within them like shadows.

Januarys single ‘Too Soon’ has distinctly rich and emotive vocals which form warmth and sweetness whilst creating an echoing, almost haunting feeling with lyrics that tale a longing for love and togetherness.


Too Soon is the new stunning single from January Thompson. As soon as I played this track I heard a strong mix of Kate Bush and Sarah Brightman both sonically and vocally. The song reminds me slightly of Sarah Brightmans Deliver Me.

The track is instrumentally beautiful with Januarys gentle, yet strong, theatrical and emotive vocals bringing the song even more alive. The song, to me, has a slight european pop feel to it which I really like. This is the kind of song that would translate well in any language.

This is a really pretty song with a lovely, charming melody throughout with alluring piano playing which makes the song somewhat heavenly.

Please check out Too Soon on both stream and video links below as well as January’s website also below.


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