Introducing The Equatorial Group – Review of EP- Elvis – Well worth a listen

Sounding like Crazy Horse colliding with Fleetwood Mac on a dusty road, The Equatorial Group are a bunch of friends from the East Sussex wilds sharing their love of one-note guitar solos, stormy seas and heartache. Featuring Twe Fox on keys and vocals, Andy Tourle on bass and vocals, Dave Davies on guitar and vocals, and Helen Weeks on vocals and pedal steel/guitar, they can produce a gentle landscape of sparkling harmonies or a thirst-inducing ramshackle racket, as the moment takes them.


The Equatorial Group are band with a delightful blend of Americana and Folk music with hauntingly beautiful melodies that take you to a very peaceful, relaxing place. Their music has such a gentle, light sound that makes them easy to listen to and almost therapeutic.

Lead singer Helen Weeks has sweet-sounding, pure vocals and makes singing seem so easy with her effortlessy, natural voice.

The band use a wide range of instruments and play them extremely well. Their music live would be mesmerising to witness, I am certain of that. The video link below shows their talents in a live session setting.

Their EP Elvis has four stunningly, emotive and almost hypnotic tracks with deep, honest lyrics. Each song is equally pleasing to the ear and worth a listen.

First track The Wrong Song is slightly Jazzy sonically with gentle vocals and the song progresses instrumentally as the song goes on with impressive sounds that blend wonderfully together.

Toy Shark – a very haunting and hypnotic/Sleepy track with gorgeous harmonies and a toe-tapping beat. The song is almost soulful in a sweet, breezy way.

Colourful – This song is slightly more melancholic than the other tracks and much more down-tempo with a slightly dark, ghostly melody. It does pick up though with nice chord work from the guitar which gives the song a bit more edge with a somewhat bluesy guitar feel.

Motorbikes – is a nice track to end with an has a lovely country element to it. The track has nice male/female harmonies and starts off fairly fast paced with a slowed down chorus.

I look forward to hearing more music from The Equatorial Group. I was to not catch them on their support slot with the wonderful Joana Serrat who I have recently really got in to. What a show that would have been.



You can purchase The Equatorial Groups music via the links below


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