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Bella White – Among Other Things – Album Review

Bella White’s album Among Other Things is instantly likeable from the first note played on the first track The Way I Oughta Go to the closing note on final track Among Other Things.

An album full of traditional country sounds blended with folk and classic rock, Among Other Things is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of songs. Bella’s distinctive vocals are beautiful to listen to as her tone is a melody in itself. Bella sings with raw emotion and is believable in every word that she sings.

The tracks flow beautifully into one another, making the album quite peaceful to listen to. Each track makes you want to close your eyes and soak each note played and each vocal sung in.

Early stand out songs include Rhododendron and Marilyn. Marilyn in particular hits on situations that are unfortunately way too common. The lyrics speak of an emotionally abusive man whom doesn’t appreciate his partner after she puts on weight from having kids.

The LP was produced by Jonathan Wilson and features Buck Meek of Big Thief on guitar.

The album is wonderfully produced and has a generous amount of traditional/classic instruments played throughout which gives the album an even more authentic stamp to it. Albums such as this are becoming more and more rare and we praise White for delivering such a real and breathtakingly honest record.

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