Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour – What Surprise Songs Would We Like To Hear On Tour? And Surprise Songs So Far – Plus General Set List

The eagerly anticipated Eras Tour kicked off at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Having missed out on Lover Fest due to covid and then Taylor releasing three more albums (folklore,evermore, Midnights) since then with no tour – fans, (ourselves included) didn’t know how we were ever going to get a chance to see these songs live! We kind of hoped for a mash up of Lover/folklore/evermore/Midnights but the Eras tour is a much better and in fact genius idea. What a way to not just celebrate her music but also her continuous journey to owning all her own material.

For many of us, we have been along for the ride since the release of Debut so this will be a real party and a way to journey back in time. However, it doesn’t matter when you became a fan of Swift’s music as this tour is for everyone!

As a Swiftie since 2007, we pretty much want every single song that she has ever released on the set list but of course that isn’t possible. There will always be songs we prefer to have over others but to be honest, it has been so long since we have seen her live we would be happy with pretty much anything.

The surprise song on tour is always a special moment and makes many of us Swifties want to book to go to more than one show.

With this being the Era’s tour, there are a whole number of songs that she could possibly play . The set list is said to be about 44 songs. Usually I would say that is way too long for a concert but for Taylor Swift, well it’s just about perfect!

So, what surprise songs can we expect? With Debut having no songs on the leaked set list and Speak Now having one on the set list (so far) it is a possibility that the surprise song on some of these nights will be off of Debut or Speak Now as well as other albums. We can possibly expect songs from the Vault too and not to mention film soundtrack songs such as Crazier, Today Was A Fairytale, Eyes Open, Safe & Sound and many more!

So realistic or not, here are some of the songs that we would LOVE to have as a surprise song on the tour. This is just our opinion and a lot of the Debut, Fearless, Speak Now and Red decisions are based on the fact we saw those tours multiple times.

There are meant to be two surprise songs a night and unique to those dates, so repeats are unlikely.

The Surprise songs we would like on tour are;

Debut Deluxe:

Cold As You

The Outside

Tied Together With A Smile

Stay Beautiful

Our Song – Las Vegas

Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

I’m Only Me When I’m With You

Fearless (Taylor’s Version):


Tell Me Why

The Best Day


Come In With The Rain


Today Was A Fairytale (Valentines Day Soundtrack)

The Other side of the Door

We Were Happy

Bye Bye Baby

Speak Now Deluxe:

Mean (we didn’t get this on the UK tour)

Never Grow Up

Haunted (this was also not on the UK tour)

Last Kiss

Long Live


Red (Taylor’s Version):


I Almost Do

Holy Ground

Sad Beautiful Tragic

Begin Again (We didn’t get this on the UK tour)

The Moment I Knew

Nothing New

I Bet You Think About Me



I Wish You Would

This Love




Getaway Car

New Years Day


I Forgot That You Existed

Cornelia Street (desperately want this)

Death By A Thousand Cuts



the 1



gold rush


You’re On Your Own Kid

Sweet Nothing


Beautiful Eyes (Beautiful Eyes EP)

Safe & Sound (Hunger Games soundtrack)

Eyes Open (Hunger Games Soundtrack)

Crazier ( Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack)


Dark Blue Tennessee

What Do You Say

I’d Lie

Just South of Knowing Why

This Is Really Happening

Sweet Tea and Gods Graces

There are so many unreleased songs that I spent years trading back in the day and I would love to list them all but have just listed our favourites. We were Happy and Bye Bye Bye Baby (or what we knew as One Thing have since been released.

Now we just eagerly await UK Tour Dates!

So far the tour surprise songs have been;

Glendale, AZ (March 17) – mirrorball (folklore) Tim McGraw (debut)

Glendale, AZ (March 18) – State of Grace (Red) and this is me trying (folklore)

Las Vegas, Allegiant Stadium (March 24) – Our Song (debut) and Snow on the Beach (Midnights)

Las Vegas, NV (March 25) – ‘cowboy like me’ -(evermore) with Marcus Mumford) and ‘White Horse‘ (Fearless)

AT&T Stadium – Arlington (March, 31) – Sad Beautiful Tragic (Red) and Ours (Speak Now Deluxe)

AT&T Stadium – Arlington (April, 1) – Death By A Thousand Cuts (Lover) and Clean (1989)

Arlington, TX (April 2) – Jump Then Fall (Fearless Platinum) and The Lucky One (Red)

Tampa, FL (April 13) – Speak Now (Speak Now) and Treacherous (Red)

Tampa, FL (April 14) – The Great War (Midnights 3am Edition) (with Aaron Dessner) and You’re On Your Own Kid (Midnights)

Tampa, FL (April 15) – mad woman (folklore) (with Aaron Dessner) and Mean (Speak Now)

Houston, TX (April 21) – Wonderland (1989 Deluxe) and You’re Not Sorry (Fearless)

Houston, TX (April 22) – A Place In This World (Debut) and Today Was A Fairytale (Valentines Day Soundtrack & Fearless – Taylors Version)

Houston, TX (April 23) – Begin Again (Red) and Cold as You (Debut)

Atlanta, GA (April 28) – The Other Side of the Door (Fearless Taylor’s Version) and Coney Island ( evermore)

Atlanta, GA (April 29) – High Infidelity (Midnights 3am Edition) and Gorgeous (Reputation)

Atlanta, GA (April 30) – I Bet You Think About Me (Red – Taylor’s Version) and How You Get The Girl (1989)

Nashville, TN (May 5) – Sparks Fly (Speak Now) and Teardrops On My Guitar (Debut)

Nashville, TN (May 6) – Out of the Woods (1989) and Fifteen (Fearless – Taylor’s Version)

Nashville, TN (May 7) – Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve (with Aaron Dessner) (Midnights 3am Edition) and Mine (Speak Now)

Philadelphia, PA (May 12) – gold rush (evermore) and Come Back… Be Here– (Red – Taylor’s Version)

Philadelphia, PA (May 13) – Forever & Always (Fearless – Taylor’s Version) and This Love (1989)

Philadelphia, PA (May 14) – Hey Stephen (Fearless – Taylor’s Version) and The Best Day (Fearless – Taylor’s Version)

The Set List without Surprise Songs

Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince
Cruel Summer
The Man
You Need to Calm Down
The Archer
(extended outro)
You Belong With Me
Love Story
’tis the damn season

champagne problems
tolerate it
Ready for It?
Don’t Blame Me
Look What You Made Me Do
Red – Intro
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
I Knew You Were Trouble
All Too Well (10 Minute Version)
invisible string
the last great american dynasty
illicit affairs
my tears ricochet
Blank Space
Shake It Off
Wildest Dreams
Bad Blood
Surprise Acoustic Songs
Lavender Haze
Midnight Rain
Vigilante Shit

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