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P!nk – TRUSTFALL – Album Review – It’s a little bit Country, a little bit Folk and we LOVE it!

P!nk is an artist I have always hoped would release a solely country album one day. Her voice suits the genre so perfectly!

Like most people, I know of a lot of P!nk’s music, but really only the singles and admittedly, this is the first album I have listened to of hers. Whilst there are some more pop and dance styled tracks to the album, there are a lot of country and folk infused songs so I have chosen to focus on the those songs. That is not to discredit the other songs as they are well written, good tunes in their own right!

This album starts off incredibly strong with the stunning ballad When I Get There. An interesting yet genius way to start the album, the song instantly caught my attention making me want to hear more. In fact, it is one of my favourite songs that I have heard in a long time. It holds strong elements of country music, so much so that if it was released by a country artist it would very likely be top of the country charts so it should definitely get attention from the genre’s industry and fanbase.

Beautifully produced and instrumental heaven, It’s songs like this that really showcase the talent of P!nk and just how diverse she is. I am enthralled by this track, I feel every single word she sings as she sings with so much emotion and authenticity. It is said she sings the song in honour of her late father and that raw and honest tone translates in a very powerful way.

“Is there a bar up there where you’ve got a favorite chair?
Where you sit with friends and talk about the weather?
Is there a place you go to watch the sunset?
And, oh, is there a song you just can’t wait to share?
Yeah, I know you’ll tell me when I get there, hmm”

Written by Amy Wadge and David Hodges, who are both no strangers to writing within the country genre, it’s no wonder this song hit me the way it did.

Turbulence steers a little bit away from country music but at the same time it doesn’t because there is so much pop crossover in country these days. Turbulence is atmospheric and one of those arena filled songs where everyone holds up their lighter (well phone these days).

Long Way To Go feat The Lumineers is the second track which leapt out at me in a highly memorable way. Another gorgeous ballad with hints of pop country/folk, the song is anthemic and theatrical with flawless vocals from both P!nk and Wes.

The folk/country infused tracks keep coming with Kids In Love featuring First Aid Kit. A sublime and delicate tune with a breathtaking acoustic feel to it, this song is striking. I have definitely warmed to the stripped back version of P!nk as her vocals and artistry shine so much more.

Lost Cause starts with an elegant piano intro. Another stripped back song, Lost Cause is exquisite and alluring. This song will be so effective within a live setting. The intensity, passion and dramatics in her vocals on this song are hauntingly beautiful and really pull at the heart strings. I can imagine this song live at BST Hyde Park and her vocals soaring through hyde park to an absolutely silent crowd soaking in every single note. I just hope that it keeps little production on stage as it does on track.

Feel Something Whilst not really country fitting, deserves a mention for its beauty! It’s one of those gorgeously trippy songs that never age. The song has a cinematic feel to it.

Our Song is another piano driven song with so much energy in her voice which again has a very theatrical way to it. Perfect in its simplicity, I feel so much listening to this, it’s so moving!

The album ends in true country style with none other than the magnificent Chris Stapleton. A perfect vocal match complimenting each others voices so effortlessly, Just Say I’m Sorry is radiant, heartfelt and charming.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by this album and so glad I took the time to listen to it.

Majestic, smart, powerfully emotive and very well crafted, TRUSTFALL is lyrically and sonically breathtaking. P!nk has proven what an incredible artist she is and that she has so much depth, passion and a wonderful sense of realness to her artistry. Her talents shouldn’t be held to one genre. Whether she has writing credits on a song or not, she makes each song her own bringing the lyrics alive and making them so believable that you lose yourself in her story, her craft and her voice.

I can’t wait for her Hyde Park show now. It will be my first time seeing her live and I think it will be one that I will remember for many years.

This album will be a strong contender for album of the year for us!

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