British Summertime (BST Hyde Park)

Which Country and Americana acts can we expect/hope to see at BST Hyde Park 2023?

Ever since we have been going to BST Hyde Park, we have been wonderfully treated with some of finest musicians that country and Americana music have to offer as support acts for the headliners. In the past we have seen Ryan Kinder, Eric Paslay, Ward Thomas, The Shires, Sarah Darling, The Wandering Hearts, Megan McKenna, Cam, Little Big Town, Morgan Wade, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real and many more.

This year, with headliners such as Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, P!nk, Guns N’Roses, Black Pink, Take That can we expect any country acts to be on these line ups? I am pretty confident that we will.

It’s likely that the headline acts that will have country support will be Springsteen, Billy Joel, P!nk and Guns N’ Roses. Take That are possible too especially UK acts such as The Shires, Ward Thomas and Megan McKenna.

This prediction/wish list is based mostly on if the artists don’t currently have tour dates listed on their websites and that can change at any time and then they of course will be ruled out.

With Gwen Stefani supporting P!nk we are hoping and praying for an appearance from Blake Shelton. He is long overdue a visit here in the UK but is it likely? P!nk has often been a subject of country music fans for her to put out a country album but will her fans take to country artists such as Shelton? Shelton is hugely successful in his genre so isn’t an act that will be put on a small stage and will P!nk fans respond well? Who knows? We can dream though can’t we?

Having done a collaboration with Keith Urban, we had hoped for him on the P!nk dates and his music would have definitely gone down well but alas, he is in Vegas on those dates.

Springsteen and Billy Joel could easily attract a diverse list of country/Americana acts and there are many that would easily appeal to fans. Especially seeing as Springsteen did release a country album in Western Stars.

Likely more on the guitar heavy side, we can see it being a return for Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real and Ryan Kinder. Two acts that would be fully embraced. We are also hoping for Brothers Osborne. One of the genre’s greatest live acts, Brothers Osborne are perfect. All these acts could also fit the billing for Guns N’ Roses who we are hoping will have Carrie Underwood on their date. Is that too much to hope for? Sure, she is more pop than rocky but if we know Carrie like we think we do, she will definitely rock it up more so than usual and given the fact she covers Guns N’ Roses often in her shows and even made an appearance at their last London gig, we are not going to rule it out. It would be amazing to have her there especially seeing as she missed out on her last Hyde Park appearance for a different event due to illness.

Back to Springsteen, the perfect act to support him would be Eric Church. I mean the man has a song dedicated to Springsteen so it’s not too far fetched. Church is phenomenal live and would really draw a huge crowd as well as gaining a enormous fan base afterwards. If you don’t know him, check him out!

We would live Kip Moore on the line ups as he would also go down well but he is headlining the Royal Albert Hall in May so it probably isn’t likely.

Who do you think or want on the BST Hyde Park line ups.

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