Artist to Artist Interview: Katy Hurt Talks to Everette at The Long Road Festival about playing the UK, what’s on their Rider, collaborating with LoCash and more.

Everette at The Long Road Festival – Photo Credit: Steve Holley

Kentucky raised duo Everette have proven to become a very popular act amongst the UK fans. A huge success at this years C2C Festival, Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia who make up Everette, were a highlight for many at this years Long Road Festival, especially on The Front Porch Stage.

UK Singer/Songwriter Katy Hurt caught up with the duo at The Long Road Festival. Enjoy!

Okay, let me kick things off. My name is Katy and I’m actually an artist as well, I’m filling in for Building Our Own Nashville, jumping in and asking you guys a bunch of questions, doing Katy’s take on Long Road Festival.

Oh great!

I’m pretty thrilled about it, so happy to be chatting with you guys.


So first of all, welcome, and how has Long Road been so far? How have you been finding it?



It’s been beautiful. We’ve seen a lot of people we met back at C2C earlier this year in March, there are actually some folks that made home T-shirts from lyrics in our songs.

Oh that’s cute!

It’s been overwhelmingly like, just a lot of love. A lot of people who are following along its like, well its pretty cool.

Yeah! Is there a big difference for you guys that you’ve found between a US crowd and a UK crowd? Obviously they make their own T-shirts here so that’s pretty cool! What’s been the big difference for you?

Absolutely, yeah I think, I mean, it’s no secret from other artists that have played over here, we always kinda say the same thing. This is an extreme example but it’s more like a tennis match over here, when you are playing people are quiet, they are paying attention and then when the points over, or when the song is over, people erupt and give you the love and I love that. Cause we work really hard on own songs and to have people soak them in, and get to actually see that, it’s not like you all are standing like statues by any means but it’s just, easy to tell that you are listening to the songs.

Yeah I think a big part of that is that we don’t get very many country acts coming over, or at least, not as frequently as you get tours in the states, so everybody wants to soak it all in. It feels precious, like you have to pay attention because you don’t know when the next time you’re going to get to see someone is.

Oh that’s cool. Man. Honestly it feels precious to us to have the opportunity.

You know to play for anybody but definitely for people that are willing to listen!

Everette at The Long Road Festival – Photo Credit: Steve Holley

Absolutely. Okay so where do you guys originally come from?


Are you both from Kentucky?

Uh huh

And do you live in Kentucky now or are you in Nashville?

Uh we live in the Nashville area, yeah, we’ve been there a while.

Do you think you’ll stay there a while? Or eventually head back home to Kentucky?

Well we’ve actually talked about moving here (UK).


Just for a couple months or so, to tour.

That’d be fun!

I don’t think, I would ever move back to my home town, as much as I love it and I’m proud of being from there. But I couldn’t see myself leaving Nashville to move an hour or two away. Because the city is kinda different than it was when we first moved there. It’s kind of imploding on itself a little bit it’s so… popular.

Well if you guys do move here and you ever want to come visit Liverpool, I just recently moved up there so you can come and hang out at mine anytime.

Oh cool, Hell yeah. There’s four guys I think that lived up there?

Yeah some famous guys I think (laughter) probably not that big a deal.

Jack and Joe… and tingo maybe

Haha yep those are the ones!! Okay, so back to you. When you are at festivals, do you get the chance to check out many of the other artists sets or are you busy doing this and chatting with me instead?

Everette on The Front Porch Stage at The Long Road Festival. Photo Credit: Paul Tisi

It varies, I feel like more so, the last couple years or last few festivals its been more, thankfully getting to do this. And we still get to experience some, but I do miss getting to go and see other sets.

We love getting to go and see other friends, friends in other bands or other artist friends.

Everette at The Long Road Festival – Photo Credit: Steve Holley

Yeah of course. Is there anybody else playing here that you’d wanna catch their set, or have caught the set of?

They just played! Sara Evans.

Ah I love her!!

We know her band, some of the people in her band we’ve known for years. We rode today from the hotel with Sara and some of her people, cause we’ve toured with them a lot.

And Lindsay Ell is playing next and some of Sara’s band is playing with her.

Oh amazing!

We love Lindsay, we’ve worked with her some and she’s such a fantastic human. We are label mates with her.

And Locash, they are here. We were just hanging with them backstage and we just recorded some Boys II Men with them out on a bridge.
The bridge was closed off and there was a sign saying don’t go on this bridge and we were kinda like meh we’re going on there.

Hahaha yep go on the bridge, that seems like a sensible thing to do.

They were like we should do a Boys II Men song so we were like…OK! So we just did Water runs dry.

Oh my goodness well I cannot wait to hear that I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for that.

We will post it I’m sure, I don’t know!

Okay, so when you guys are on tour… what do you have on your rider? What are your tour traditions? And do you have a ritual?

Hmmm I would say the main thing on our rider is Kentucky bourbon, cause we are from Kentucky.

Mhmm good idea! Any go to brand?

Knob Creek, yeah Knob Creek bourbon. Oh there is a weird thing on there, that’s actually from an old sound guy that was having some stuff happening. We gotta get this fixed. A big old jug of apple juice. We gotta get it fixed cause it goes to waste!!

Haha that’s too healthy for you, just the bourbon next time.

Yeah, well he needed a little bit of a sugar fix, so we ended up calling him Mr Apple Juice.

That’s very cute.

Yeah, well I’d say one of our rituals, it started after meeting this gentleman and we’d usually go to the Merch table afterwards, you know, sign and take pictures and this older man was taking about his wife who had just passed and was telling us tons about her and he said “Ya’ll brought me so much joy and my wife would’ve loved y’all” and that kinda thing, and it really moved us, so now before we go on stage every time we kinda get fist bumps and say “Let’s bring the Joy!”

Ohhh I love that!

Yeah that’s kind of our ritual I think.

Well that’s very cool.


Everette at The Long Road Festival – Photo Credit: Steve Holley

So is there anything that you guys are working on now? Music wise what are you working on and what’s coming up next?

Always working on stuff, I mean we were writing anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week.

Yeah? that’s great!

I mean we have so much ammunition, I mean stuff that’s just ready to roll. We are very excited to have Side B coming out in its entirety, October 7th.

I’m very excited about that!!

And after that we have so much material, as soon as we get the rest of this record out we will start talking about what’s next and hopefully more very soon.

Awesome, well I can’t wait to hear it all and thank you guys so much for taking the time to chat with me.

Oh thank you!

Have an amazing time the rest of the festival!
You too


Everette on The Front Porch Stage at The Long Road Festival. Photo Credit: Paul Entwhistle

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