What Katy Did: UK Singer/Songwriter Katy Hurt shares her experience on The Long Road Festival 2022

We had the lovely UK Singer/Songwriter Katy Hurt cover some of this year’s (2022) The Long Road Festival. Katy mostly did some interviews for us but we also wanted to know how her experience was in general. So, in honour of the much loved children’s books by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, we titled the article What Katy Did! So, what did Katy do?? We ask her in a simple Q&A. We hope you enjoy!!

Jess Moskaluke, Katy Hurt and Tebey

Hi Katy, thanks so much for being at TLR for us – Have you been to The Long Road Festival before?

I have indeed. I played twice actually back in 2019, I had a set and then I also did the Nash Night after party, which was right after Kip Moore so that was a pretty great show.

How would you describe The Long Road Festival from an artists perspective and a fans?

Oh man. From an artist perspective, festivals like the Long Road are just a great way to catch up with old friends, see what everyones been up too and discover new artists too!! From a fan perspective, it’s one of the best weekends of the year here in the UK. When the sun is shining and music is playing, there is so much to explore and Baylen and the team have done an extraordinary job of creating such a special environment to showcase all this great music.

What attracted you to this year?

I came this year for a whole bunch of reasons. Tebey invited me to come and hang out on Friday and catch his set so of course I had to say yes, but I’m also just a big fan of the festival and the atmosphere that Baylen and the team have created so I wanted to come and be a part of it once again. After being away from live music for so long, given the circumstances of the last two years, I’m just so happy to be able to be surrounded by it.
A bunch of my friends who also happen to be artists were also playing too, like Gangstagrass, so I didn’t need much of an excuse to come and watch some of my favourite people doing what they do best.

Katy Hurt, Jade Helliwell and Jess Thristan

So you attending the festival was quite last minute this year? How do you prepare for it? What did you pack etc?

Haha it was pretty last minute but it was actually really nice because it’s the first festival in years that I’ve been too where I haven’t been playing so I didn’t have to worry about packing all my gear & outfits, packing the car or van. It was pretty great. I didn’t bring that much with me, since I was originally only going to be there on the Friday, so just sunscreen, lipgloss, my RayBan’s and then phone and wallet!!

Talk us through what you got up to on the Friday as it isn’t a full day there is it?

Nope it’s not a full day but it was still a long one. I drove over from Liverpool, and arrived in time for the first sets. Caught up with some friends backstage and made sure to catch as many sets as I could… whilst also figuring out how to be an interviewer for the first time (so thank you for that!!) I interviewed Tebey and Drake White on the Friday.

I saw Tebey, Jess Moskaluke, Drake White, and I heard Jade (Helliwell) and Jess (Thristan) while I was doing my interviews but from the media section!!

If you could have jumped on stage with anyone that day who would it have been?

If I could have jumped up with anyone it would have been Drake White. I’m a huge fan of his stuff, especially his first record Spark and would definitely be up for joining him for a version of “Waiting on the whiskey to work” one day!

What food drink did you have?

Arriving at festivals is always really chaotic but in the best way because you are constantly bumping into people you haven’t seen in a while, other friends, artists and fans who usually live all over the country but are now all in one place. So I didn’t actually get the chance to stop and eat on Friday until quite late!! When I finally found some time I went and tried one the Halloumi Gyro’s. I’d say 7/10!!

So you went back on Sunday, thank you by the way. What were you looking forward to most that day?

I did. I think Friday really took it out of me, too much talking. So by Sunday I was really losing my voice but that wasn’t going to stop me. I was most looking forward to seeing Sara Evans. It’s no secret that she has been a huge influence of mine, and I haven’t seen her play in years. So from a fan perspective I was super excited to get to hear her again.

What did you get up to that day? Who did you see live? What food did you have? Drink? Did you walk around and get to see the grounds?

I got there as early as possible and had a bunch of interviews lined up (The Cadillac Three, Gangstagrass, Lindsay Ell, Harleymoon Kemp, Rissi Palmer, LoCash, Everette) so spent a bit of time in the press area doing those. Tried out some difference food, Cajun rice this time, which was awesome! Definitely had a few drinks and then watched as many sets as I could. I even jumped up on stage and joined the Gangstagrass guys for a surprise performance too which was awesome, I love playing with those guys.

Do you have a favourite stage?

Ohh hard to say. I really like the new stage they had this year, which was kind of hidden away in the forest with it’s own bar but I think my favourite still has to be the stage I played back in 2019 which is the Interstate Stage in the big tent!

If you could have jumped on stage with any artist on Sunday who would it have been?

Well… I may not have jumped on stage with anyone on Friday but I did on Sunday!! I previously toured with Gangstagrass so when I surprised them and showed up on Sunday, they called me up to sing Folsom Prison. I may have been losing my voice but I was never going turn down the chance to join them on stage, its electric!!

What was your overall highlight of the weekend?

Overall highlight was probably standing in the crowd with my good friends Gasoline & Matches and all singing along to “A Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans. When I was first starting out with singing I used to do lots of competitions and that was always my audition song, so it means an awful lot to me!!

And what did Gab (Katy’s Guitarist and partner) think? What were his highlights? Food, drink? Etc

Gab definitely tried out more of the food than me, he had Mac N Cheese, Cajon Pulled Pork, Cheese Toasties and presumably several beers and coffees throughout the days. He loved it!

Did you bump into any friends? Fans?

Absolutely, I love our scene because you are always bound to end up catching up with friends. On the Friday, Jade and Jess both played so it was really loving catching up with them. On Sunday I got the catch up with the Gangstagrass guys, and stood with Gasoline & Matches to watch Sara Evans. There was a big group photo that a bunch of us took at one point too.

What sets The Long Road apart from other festivals?

The environment, being on such beautiful grounds, with fantastic weather and seeing all the wonderful places that they have created, the signs, the honky Tonks, the treehouse. It just makes it so unique and fun to be around.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the festival?

Bring on next year!!!

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Twitter: @KT_Hurt13

Instagram: katy_hurt

YouTube : https://youtube.com/c/KatyHurt

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