Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Cheltenham Jazz Festival – Lola Young Is a ‘Must See’ at the Festival

We first heard about singer/songwriter Lola Young when she performed on the Graham Norton show. An amazingly distinctive, British styled vocalist with a divine soulful tone, Lola performed a song titled So Sorry which is a catchy, upbeat, cool, vibrant song . In a live setting this song will undoubtedly be a crowd pleaser with its toe-tapping beats, infectious rhythm and striking melody.

As well as having a voice that will have a powerful affect live, Lola’s charming and witty personality will make her live set just as engaging. A somewhat accidental comedian, Lola had us in stitches on the Graham Norton Show. Just 21 years of age, Lola’s innocence and humbling attitude truly won us over. We hope she will bring her personality to the stage and interact with the audience between songs as we think it’s an asset she should use and we love a bit of banter on the stage to make the night whole.

Lola was the voice behind the John Lewis Christmas advert back in 2021 with her stunning version of Together In Electric Dreams

Lola released her debut album in 2019 titled Intro.

The album is very hypnotic and really sets a chilled out vibe with mellowed and wonderful trippy melodies bringing out the best sounds across various genres (Jazz, R&B, Soul).

The album blends vintage sounds with a modern twist and has that perfect Jazz Club edge to it. Instrumentally gorgeous and fantastically produced, this album is a must have for any music fan. Blind Love is an early favourite and shows a softer side to Young’s vocals.

More recently however, Lola released an EP in 2021 titled After Midnight. The EP hosts four songs that tie together in an emotionally melancholic way as we follow her journey across four hours of heartbreak. Lola released a short film video to accompany the EP. The film has Lola narrating with captivating poetry as we travel through snippets of all four songs across the film with her emotions changing from confident to vulnerable.

Lola is a truly gifted lyricist and poet. Her words are mature and painfully relatable.

The video is directed by Dumas Haddad and is powerfully shot.

The EP itself is more Jazz driven than the album with breathtaking piano accompaniment throughout giving the lyrics and vocals a more authentic emotionally raw edge.

After Midnight (1am)

Blue (2am)

Bad Game (3am)

Pill or a Lullaby (4am)

Quarter past five and I’m wondering why
I cried in front of strangers last night
I must’ve got home somehow
The sun kisses the sky, then my mind starts racing
Did I even love him or did I need saving?
F***, it’s getting late now

Signed to Day One/Island Records Lola Young is headed for a very big career so grab a chance to see her whilst she is still playing smaller venues.

Lola is performing alongside Adeline (more in her to follow) on Sun 1 May 2:00pm – 3:30pm at Henry Westons Big Top

Tickets range from £12 £16 £18 or £20

Grab tickets here

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