Best of 2021: Craig Charles gave Stroud that 2021 Farewell we all needed and deserved – Live Review

The last two years for all of us haven’t been very easy and to not have our regular dose of live music or live performances of any kind have just made things that much harder. With 2021 closing and not really knowing what kind of 2022 we are going to have but remaining hopeful, a night of fun entertainment was needed to close the year and Craig Charles certainly gave all his guests at Stroud Subscription Rooms that with his Evening of Funk and Soul.

Craig Charles is a much loved DJ with his Funk and Soul club and plays the best funk and soul roots music to current club sounds and has been broadcasting for over 10 years on BBC 6 Music in their prime-time Saturday night slot.

The Subscription Rooms is a great venue and a real asset to Stroud. Having been recently taken over by Hugh Phillimore of whom is the man behind the fantastic Cornbury Festival, there has never been a doubt in our minds of the high calibre of artists that would be secured and Craig Charles certainly fits that list, this was proven by the fact his show SOLD OUT within 2 days. In fact, pretty much everyone in Stroud were begging for spare tickets across social media.

The evening did not disappoint!

The room was buzzing from early on with the warm up DJ doing a fine job and as soon as Craig Charles hit the stage the energy just bloomed.

He welcomed ‘the brave’ whom had made it out despite looming government advice and got the whole crowd moving to his trunk of funk tunes.

There was the usual mix of crowd-pleasing favourites laced between more eclectic mixes and even dance moves lead by the man himself front of stage. He had the whole room jumping, singing along and grooving to the beats.

Although the main hall was busy, it felt safe and there was plenty of room to dance and move about, get close to the stage and really appreciate a man working at his art and enjoying the night as much as we were.

Craig was happy to pose for pictures and interact with the crowd which made the gig pretty personal and special!

Subscription Rooms staff were all very friendly and the bar staff did a fantastic job. The new bar layout is definitely an improvement to the establishment!

Craig Charles is welcome back to Stroud anytime, we love him and if this is the kind of night he is always going to give us then we will be there every time!

This was a night very much needed by all!

Review by Tiffanie Smith

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