Courtney Marie Andrews At Home *****

Courtney Marie Andrews recently gave a beautiful house concert in aid of her band members. “Us songwriters get royalties but our touring bands are out of work and I love my guys. I really want to look after my people at this time.”


With a John Prine poster in the background this was an intimate setting to listen to one of the best singer-songwriters around. You really got a feel for her performance, hearing all lyrics perfectly and every chord of gently strummed guitar.

“Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in. I’m going to start off with some old requests, some new songs and some super old songs, ones I never play.”

She opened with Rookie Dreaming from her 2016 breakthrough Honest Life album. “Thank you” she giggled self-consciously, looking at the messages on her screen.

Irene and Table For One from the same album followed.“I’ve written a lot of songs about loneliness, and we’re all a little lonely at the moment.”

Burlap String is a new song that may or may not be released and I hope you enjoy it.” A gentle, lilting song with lovely lyrics, certainly worthy of release.

Then back to an old favourite for How Quickly Your Heart Mends.

Near You “is a song a lot of you requested, I wrote it about ten years ago. It’s followed me around and I always play it.” Breathtakingly beautiful, plaintive and mesmeric with heartfelt lyrics – the essence of Courtney Marie Andrews

Her new single, If I Told has the typically honest lyrics I know I can’t change, but for you I’d compromise, I’d be on your side if you’d be on mine.

“I’m going to do a John Prine song. There’s a big hole in the musical community where one of the greatest songwriters ever has left us. This song I’ve loved since I was a kid.” Angel from Montgomery. Gorgeous.

“I can’t believe you have coaxed me into doing this song. I have not played this for five or six years and today I dug up my old notebook to find the lyrics, before I realised you could just Google your own lyrics! It’s Songs For Tourists from the record My Slate Is Clean.”

Moving to the piano with the painting from her uncle Michael above the piano (the source of a song from her On My Page album) she played Only In My Mind and then This House. 

“I’m so grateful you joined me and it’s so good that we’re all here together alone. There’s so much love around. I’ve really enjoyed playing for you.“

Finishing with Ships In The Night from her forthcoming album, a letter to someone you can’t be with. I’m sending you my love and nothing more.

This was like a front row seat at a house concert – for everybody. You felt close to Courtney, connected to the music. Thanks Courtney, stay safe.

You can watch Courtney’s performance here and donate to help her band members here.

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