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Live Review: Scotty McCreery in London UK

Scotty McCreery’s southern charm was out in full force as he wrapped up a wonderful week of country music in London on Monday.

The singer treated the audience to a very animated display as he put heart and soul into each rendition of his much loved songs and even some genre classics.

During the intimate evening at Bush Hall Scotty said ‘country music is real people telling real stories’ and boy did we get some tales from the North Carolina native’s life.

Listening Scotty explain the personal reasons behind his hit songs was like being the lucky friend he decided to confide in, with many of the tracks being inspired by his wife Gabi.

He explained how This Is It was never intended for the Seasons Change album and came from a place of wanting to write a love song for Gabi.

Looking back on the song, which became Scotty’s second number one, it’s crazy to imagine never hearing it and his swooning sound filling every heartwarming line.

Scotty also joked about how some of his tracks have changed meaning over time and don’t completely apply to his life now – one obvious stand out being from In Between.

‘Most of this song is exactly where I’m at but obviously the line “I’m a far cry from being a one night stand, but I ain’t ready for a ring on my hand” has changed,’ Scotty said.

As he cleared that up Scotty smiled at Gabi who was to the side of the stage supporting her husband after jokingly telling him there was no way he ‘was going to London alone’ for this tour.

The energy was continued through to Wrong Again where Scotty couldn’t help but laugh and smile as he threw his hands around and performed every line.

See You Tonight showed off Scotty’s deeper register and reminded the audience of his now famous covers of Josh Turner’s music – which we had to wait for an encore to fully experience.

While Boys From Back Home and Home In My Mind had everyone swaying along, reminiscing about the ones they also hold near and dear.

Scotty then showed his cheeky and fun side as he spoke about his past with American Idol, joking that in 2011 when he was straight out of High School he saw an opportunity and took it.

He said: ’I’d just finished school and I saw the opportunity to go and fall in love with Jennifer Lopez, so I auditioned and it worked out! Well maybe not with Jen, but everything else.’

While on the show one of Scotty’s performances with George Straight’s Check Yes Or No which he reprised on Monday night and had everyone up dancing and shouting along with feeling.

More laughs followed after Scotty explained he met his wife on the set for the music video of song Trouble With Girls.

He explained: ‘Brad Paisley told me how he met his wife Kimberley while filming one of his early videos and i thought, hey that’s a great idea.

’When we were filming the video for Trouble With Girls I was walking down the hallway with my buddy Kyle, and I love Kyle, but I thought I should be walking with a girl.

‘So I spoke with the director and suggested the girl in the purple shirt, which was Gabi, and well it worked out well as that girl’s now my wife.’

In a poignant moment of the show Scotty explained how Five More Minutes is his ‘favourite song that he’s ever written’ and was penned on February 5 2015 in memory of his granddaddy Bill.

Scotty told how his grandparents met while Bill was in the Air Force and went on a date with a Puerto Rican woman, who would later be his grandmother, and have ’50 years of true love’.

The emotional track showed off Scotty’s skill at weaving a story everyone can relate too and his love for his family all perfectly packaged in his strong vocals.

And in a special treat for the audience, Scotty turned his instantly recognisable voice to another strong sound – doing a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You which had everyone swaying along.

By the time Scotty got to the old school country medley the audience was entranced and belted out every word to hits from icons such as Conway Twitty, Randy Travis and Alan Jackson.

During the night Scotty revealed he was ‘nervous to put the Europe tickets on sale’, but after a run of sell out shows it’s safe to say he has nothing to worry about and will always be welcomed back with open arms.

Review by Bryony Jewell

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