Kevin McGuire – The Night Is Young (T.N.I.Y) Single Review

Scotland’s closest artist (in music style and talent) to the US big names Kevin McGuire is back with another fantastic track The Night Is Young (T.N.I.Y). The uplifting and upbeat tune has been well picked to be released in August, the height of our Summer (Which is pretty sunny for once) so blasting this track out loud at your BBQ is a must.

Kevin is like the happiest person alive and it does show in his music (albeit not the sombre ones) but his passion for his craft is quite clear and really quite infectious and more importantly, it makes you want to listen to more of his music.

When it comes to a target audience, Kevin has it down to a t. I mean that as a compliment as he is a fresh, relevant artist who can write exceptional Country Pop. With male artists dominating the country music charts in the US at the moment, Kevin’s sound isn’t far off what seems to be popular there, in fact I would even say it is on par. If McGuire could get a chance on country radio there, he would no doubt be finding a fair bit of success. I have cited Hunter Hayes as a similarity before and that still stands but with other young artists and groups such as Temecula Road, Seth Ennis and more being rising stars, there is definitely a spot for our Kevin.

Get the song here or here

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