Out Today: Keep The Flame Alight second single from Martha L. Healy’s album of same name.

The video for Keep The Flame Alight was filmed on location at Dreamcatcher Cabins, a beautiful woodland retreat in the countryside of Gartmore, virtually on Martha’s doorstep in the Trossachs of Scotland.

It was important to Martha to film somewhere which encapsulated the theme of the song. She was delighted when Fiona Patterson of Dreamcatcher Cabins allowed her to use one of her cosy cabins (The Jay’s Nest) as the setting.

“I wrote Keep The Flame Alight when I was feeling burnt out and I wanted to hide from the world. I was feeling insecure about lots of things: the future; my creativity; aging; not achieving what I thought I should have by a certain point in my life and I kept putting things on hold. The location of the cabins was snug, cosy, secluded and protected – which is how I wanted to feel when I wrote the song. They also have beautiful wood-burners to light your own fire.”

Working with Kris Kesiak on directing and filming the video (he also filmed and directed her last video for No Place Like Home), helped Martha to feel comfortable and maintained the look and feel of the whole project.

“Ultimately this song is about recognising that you can have a tough day and you can feel like a mess emotionally and physically and feel a lack of direction. There are days we all want to run and hide and cocoon ourselves away. However, we all have this unquenchable fire inside of us which keeps us going and spinning all the plates we need to spin to survive. I think it’s such a primal instinct.”

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