C2C Festival 2019

Interview: Abby Anderson Talks C2C Festival, Her Family, Her Music and More

Abby Anderson Credit: John Shearer

Abby Anderson was one artist on the C2C Festival line up that a lot of people, us included were very excited for. Abby did not disappoint across the weekend and won the hearts of many. Abby’s voice alone, so strong and so beautiful is enough to ‘wow’ any listener but her personality on top of that makes you fall head over heels for her. Abby is crazy but in the best way and she is the kind of person that lights up a room the minute she walks in. In a live setting, Abby just blows you away. Her voice bounces off the walls and it’s hard to believe such a big voice can come from someone so little but it does.

The future is incredibly bright for Abby. Her EP I’m Good is excellent and her latest single Good Lord is just incredible and wonderfully catchy with a fun, infectious pop country sound that delivers a Summery vibe.

We caught up with Abby during C2C and just had a blast.

Hi Abby – How are you? Welcome to the UK – how has it been so far?

I am doing great. C2C Festival is one of the most fantastic festivals I have been a part of, I am really enjoying it.

What did you expect before you arrived and played?

I had it hyped it up pretty good in my mind but then I got here and realised that I did not hype it up enough. Y’all have exceeded all our expectations, the audiences are so attentive and so engaged and I feel like a big ole rock star over here its been fun, everybody’s singing my songs and I am like “what the heck? My family doesn’t even know my songs” hahaha.

You are from Texas…

Yes M’am

So you must have been surrounded by country music all your life?

Oh yeah, that’s all I listened to growing up.

Your parents fans?

My parents it’s all they listen to.

Are they musical?

They are, actually my dad is an amazing piano player, he is not a musician, he is a business man but he plays the piano and he has the most beautiful tenor voice you will ever hear. I grew up listening to him singing, he sings so loud and powerful.

Have you ever performed together?

We actually haven’t. That’s a really good idea, we should.

Does your dad write music?

Actually he composes hymns. He writes christian music and then my mother is an amazing singer.

You have a few siblings….

Seven of us, all from the same mum hahahaha it’s crazy.

All musical?

We are all musical, no one else is pursuing it though, I am just a big ole attention hog.

Ah so no plans for the Texas Von Trapp Family then?

No haha I mean who knows? One day I would love to put out a little family record with all my sisters.

Did you train to sing or are you naturally lucky? Born with this voice?

I think I am naturally lucky. God just kind of gave me this for some reason.

And have you always had this amazing confidence?

Honestly I have always been a big old attention seeker my whole life, I love it, I just love it Hannah. Every time I get to go on stage. Ever since I was a little girl. I played piano and I was like is everybody watching? haha, I love performing.

What about at school, what was that like?

I was homeschooled growing up. I went to public school for a couple of years but I started home schooling so that I could practice more.

Did you like public school?

Yeah, but I felt like I was getting babysat and I knew what I wanted to do with my life so…

Have you always been a solo artist or were you ever part of a band?

I was never part of a band but I did have a band in Texas. I was playing gigs since I was 12 and had a bunch of grown men playing for me playing three or four hour gigs and it was a great way to sharpen my chops.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

Yes I do. Ok, so it is called Daydreaming. It’s actually not that bad, I was listening and it’s not terrible. Golly I think I was nine or ten when I wrote it but yeah, it’s a cute little song. It’s not recorded but it’s in one of my little note books that I wrote in when I was ten.

So we have seen you a couple of times this weekend such as the after party which was great and of course the spotlight..

Thank you

You had Jimmie Allen on stage with you which was great…

I love Jimmie he’s a pal.

That was a beautiful moment when you both sang Shallow.

Thank you

So Jimmie asked you to be Part of that song, how?

He rung me up at the end of last year and was like “Hey, I’ve got this idea, let’s cover Shallow”. He had the whole video planned out and everything.


Yeah, he’s a hustler, seriously, he has always got ideas. He’s a pal, I have known him for like three or four years now, he is a good guy.

You are going to support Rob Thomas…

I am soo excited. I think Rob Thomas has one of my favourite voices ever.

Tell us about the story behind Make Him Wait..

Coming from a big family I was very blessed with parents who taught me what my worth was as a young woman and it’s something I realised a lot of girls around my age didn’t get and so for me that song is about knowing what your worth is, knowing your value and I was lucky enough to always have that confidence in me.

It’s an important message.

It is.

How was your Opry debut and how did you prepare for that?

Oh my gosh my Opry debut was probably the best day of my life. Thankfully I had a stylist who knows what I look good in as I don’t so she picked out those sparkly pants and I just knew that I wanted to look like a little disco ball. It was something I was looking forward to my whole life and I can’t believe that I got to do it.

Who of your family and friends were in the audience?

My whole family, all of Texas was there ahaha. My whole family walked in and everybody at the Opry knew who my family were because we are loud, we are so loud.

Tell us something about you not many people know?

I love the British Candy here, no that’s not interesting


Yeah. I need to think about that question more haha.

Favourite tv show?

I don’t watch tv haha, I am really boring Hannah haha.

I certainly wouldn’t say that haha.

Thanks so much for chatting today, come back soon.

Thanks so much Hannah, I will

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