Twinnie – Live at London’s Lexington – Live Review

I was so fortunate to attend Twinnie’s first Headline concert at The Lexington on Wednesday night. Twinnie was over the moon that her first headline concert was sold out and throughout the evening it felt like there was a happy feeling for everyone in attendance.

Doors opened at 7:30 pm and Laura Oakes took to the stage at 8:15pm with a guitarist and a percussionist, and performed 7 songs for approximately 35 minutes, highlighting her music.

Laura kicked off her set with ‘Blue Jeans’ and then the catchy ‘Welcome To The Family’ before singing ‘All Ghosts’. Laura then performed ‘Do It For You’ before performing a cover version of ‘Every Morning” (Sugar Ray). Next she performed solo with her beautiful song ‘Learn To Be Lonely’, it was so beautiful that everyone in the crowd stopped to listen and you could hear a pin drop until she finished to a standing ovation. Closing her set with ‘How Big Is Your World’  Laura left the stage to meet some of her fans.

Twinnie came on stage at 9pm and performed for approximately 80 minutes, and as soon as Twinnie came out on stage she was bursting with high energy and enthusiasm which transferred onto the audience whether they needed that extra motivation or not! 🙂

During her set she had great stage presence and was interacting with the crowd, laughing and joking and looked at ease and looked to be enjoying her special evening. Twinnie’s Band consisted of 4 other members including a Guitarist, base guitar, drummer and keys.
Kicking off her set with ‘Type of Girl’, she had me tapping along and joining the crowd singing, which was a continuing theme among the crowd all evening. Next up was the song ‘More’ followed by ‘Bad Bitch’ which like Twinnie said, it might not get much air play on the radio but it’s a great number.

Twinnie then sung ‘Cool’ before performing an amazing vocal of one of my favourites ‘Superhero’. This was followed by a 3 song Acoustic segment: ‘Hollywood Gypsy’, ‘Cupid’ and ‘Lie to Me’.

Twinnie livened up the set with ‘Soap’ then ‘Social Babies’ which covered todays social media and mobile phones. Continuing with ‘Manicure’ she encouraged the crowd to dance along.

Twinnie then did a a cover of Whitney HoustonI Wanna Dance With Somebody’ before performing her current single ‘Better When I’m Drunk’.

Twinnie then stripped it back for her final number, by sitting down and just singing along with her guitarist as she dedicated ‘The Show’ to her mum, who had travelled down by train for the show and had to dash off afterwards. She must have been one proud mum as Twinnie left the stage to a large round of applause and cheers.

With performances like this, Twinnie will be selling out bigger venues in the very near future, Congratulations Twinnie on an amazing performance you looked very at home up on the stage and there are big times ahead.

Review By: Lee Abrahall
Twitter: @Official_LeeA

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