C2C Festival 2019

Jimmie Allen and Abby Anderson have released an outstanding version of Shallow from A Star is Born.

As if we weren’t already obsessed enough with Shallow when Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sang the original: now we are even MORE obsessed with this spectacular version by our favourites Jimmie Allen and Abby Anderson. First of all, what a perfect vocal match by two of country music’s finest rising stars – their vocals blend so beautifully. Secondly, woah! Now I knew Jimmie could sing but this song really widens his range, very impressive! Abby is a little soul sista, what a voice! Her vocals are so strong that it is insane.

The Original version of Shallow is up for “Best Original Song” at the 91st Academy Awards ceremony airing this Sunday, February 24.

The accompanying video (to the cover) shows a split screen of Allen and Anderson going about their daily lives before uniting in the studio to deliver the passionately soulful chorus together in perfect harmony. Watch the video here.

“‘A Star is Born’ was one of my favorites from last year, and the performance of this song in the film really moved me as an artist,” shares Allen. “I had chills! Getting to cover ‘Shallow’ with my good friend Abby was such a cool experience. She’s an incredible vocalist, and I’m excited for fans to hear our take on the song.”

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I bawled like a baby during ‘A Star Is Born.’ The song ‘Shallow’ immediately stood out to me,” says Anderson. “When Jimmie called and asked if I would sing on this song with him, I was honored. I mean I’m no Lady Gaga, but working on this with Jimmie, who pours his whole heart into a song vocally, was an absolute joy.”

Abby, vocally you are every bit as good as Gaga, not many can pull this song off.

Both Jimmie and Abby will be at Country 2 Country Festival in March so we can only hope that they perform this song together at some point across the weekend.


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