Walker Hayes – Live in Bristol – Review

Walker Hayes just wrapped up his support slot alongside Eric Paslay on the Old Dominion Happy Endings Tour. A show with three artists who would all sell out shows alone, the UK were very much treated.

Walker Hayes was last in the UK during C2C Festival which was in fact, his first ever time playing here. A marmite artist (you either love him or you hate him) we at BOON love him! Walker is a new sound to country music and divides opinions on to whether he is actually country but at the end of the day, if we like the music, we like the music. Walker has combined hip hop music with country and as someone who loved 90’s hip hop, Walker is right up our street.

Hayes debut album boom. was released last year (2017) and had hit and popular tracks such as You Broke Up With Me, Shut Up Kenny, Craig and more. More recently, Walker released a new track called 90’s Country.

BOON caught Walker at the show in Bristol. With the crowd already warmed up by Eric Paslay, Walker came on stage to a very eager crowd. His on stage presence and crowd interaction was immediately fun and engaging as he kicked off with the track Prescriptions from his album boom. Walker commanded his stage and then was met with a crowd sing-a-long during Break The Internet of his EP 8 Tracks Volume 2. Singing the more gentle track Beautiful, Hayes interacted with the crowd with an impressive crowd participation moment for the last chorus. This was fun to be a part of and nice to see everyone getting involved. Love him or hate him, Walker knows how to get the crowd up and going.

Mind Candy was next followed by his single 90’s Country which was the first time most of us had seen it live so was a nice experience. One of our favourite tracks Halloween was next which features the stunning vocals of Nicolle Galyon. Sadly Nicolle wasn’t there in person but they played her vocals on track. Halloween is one of Hayes’ strongest tracks and really great live.

Hit single You Broke Up With Me caught a lot of attention from the Bristol audience and Walker closed the set with the exciting and somewhat amusing track Shut Up Kenny.

As always, Walker put on a amazing show which was full of energy, excitement and proved Walker’s worth of one day (very soon I hope) playing a run of his own headline shows in the UK.


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