Brandon Stansell Is A Strong Voice For The LGBT Community In His Highly Emotive and Heartbreaking Video for his single Hometown

Brandon Stansell is one of country music’s finest rising stars. Hailing from in and around Nashville, Brandon didn’t discover his true sound until he moved to L.A and now describes his music as his own brand of ‘California Country’.

Blending his California sound with his hometown roots, Brandon released his first full-length album Slow Down in October 2017.

Brandon is a strong and empowering voice as he represents the LGBT community in the country music genre and promotes kindness and authenticity.

The song Hometown is a stunning ballad and Brandon’s vocals are incredible and very believable but of course they are as he is singing about something he has either faced personally or will know many people who have. You can hear in his voice the importance of the song, you can hear it in the words and you can feel his pain. It is a really pretty song and I can’t quite explain it but the music matches the words so perfectly. The melody is wondeful in its simplicity but it also has a heartbreaking sound but both words and music make you really listen to the song.

The video for Hometown made me cry, I am not going to lie so please prepare yourselves. Brandon shows the harsh truths that some people face when they come out to their families. The powerful video is also an important one and takes us on the journey that he faces after rejection from the people he cared about the most. I wanted to say how brave Brandon was for this video but then I realised that he shouldn’t have to be brave because this video is necessary and it is important and it will help people and hopefully bring people together. I hope the video makes people who reject their loved ones realise how they should love and accept their loved ones/children regardless and how it doesn’t change who they are. I hope the video makes others brave (there’s that word again) to come out, to accept who they are and to not be ashamed of it because there is nothing to be ashamed of and you do belong.  I hope Brandon paves the way for other LGBT artists to know they can express themselves through their music and be true to who they are. This video is a wake up call, it’s a platform, it’s a representation, a support system and overall a very important message.  I found myself wanting to jump through the tv screen and give him a big old hug and say “hey, come live with us it’ll be fun”.

Brandon is a strong representative for the LGBT community and has a lot to say which is why he is so perfectly suited for country music( the stories, the truths.) The world needs Brandon and more people like him and as we would say in the UK as we raise our glasses “Hear Hear”.

This is history in the making.

Check out the video below.

Hometown premiered on CMT and we couldn’t help but share his video of his reaction to it airing.

Hannah Compton

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