Jenna Paulette – Slow Dancing On The Moon – Single Review

It’s hidden gems of rising stars that are sometimes the best discoveries in music. This is why I, in many ways enjoy the fact that the UK don’t have country radio everywhere. If my focus was on radio, then artists such as Jenna may have escaped my notice, in fact most women in country in general seeing as they don’t seem to get the air play they deserve. I love having to work to find new music, I love recommendations and I love random little stumbles.

Jenna Paulette has been on our radar for a while now but it is her current single Slow Dancing On The Moon which has captivated me the most.

The breathtaking tune which is out today (October 19th) is an ambient, hypnotic tune with a night time, starry sky, atmospheric feel to it. Like a romantic fairytale, the song takes you to a dream like place and is one of those songs you want to listen to with your eyes closed; one of those songs you want to see live in a darkened room, holding up your lighters. The down tempo song has the ability to put you in a chilled vibe and after a long hard working week, this is pretty much what I needed.

Jenna has very strong vocals which are beautifully soft in this song. If she releases more music like this, then I am definitely first in line to buy her album.

Listen to Slow Dancing On The Moon here

Purchase Slow Dancing On The Moon here



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