Erin Rae giggles in London ***

In the midst of her promotional tour for her latest album Putting On Airs, Erin Rae gave a third performance in two days at London’s Slaughtered Lamb basement venue.

A beautiful support set came from Brooklyn-based Kiwi singer-songwriter Samuel R Saffrey who was joined by three friends and even a fourth for one number.

With a band of three led by American guitarist Jerry Bernhardt with drums and bass, Rae glided through a 14-song set lasting a little over an hour with nine tracks from her recent album Putting On Airs.

The audience was held transfixed throughout by Rae’s crystal clear vocals and Bernhardt’s dreamy echoey guitar backing.

Grand Scheme and Bad Mind from the new record started the show. Highlights included Clean Slate and Mississippi Queen.

Partway through the set Rae and Bernhardt, who has produced her new album, played two tracks as a duo. The pair got the uncontrollable giggles throughout Playing Old Games which consequently became a stop/start track. The audience took this in good heart and were very supportive.

Rae’s appeal is her songwriting and vocal delivery.

Words and Live Photo by Chaz Brooks

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