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Ryan Hurd – To a T – Single Review

If you are a fan of the modern country artists then you are probably just as addicted to the love story between Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris as we are – so when we hear that their story has inspired a song then we just have to listen. In fact we would listen anyway as Ryan Hurd is one of the most exciting male artists in country music at the moment who isn’t singing about the same old shizzle. Ryan actually has something to say and we are always glad to listen.

Ryan Hurd is not just a great singer but also a fantastic songwriter and is partly responsible for tracks such as Lady A’s You Look Good, Tim McGraw’s Last Turn Home, Maren Morris‘ I Wish I Was , Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe’s Lonely Tonight and much more as well as releasing his own self titled EP which featured much loved tracks We Do Us and Love In a Bar.

To a T was written by Hurd and Laura Veltz and Nathan Spicer and is inspired of course by Hurd’s wife Maren. His muse if you will, she clearly inspires him to write some of the most romantic and honest words that make you want to march up to your partner and say “Oi, write something like this about me please”.

What I love about this song lyrically is not just how In Love Ryan and Maren are but how they truly know each other and have each other, well….down to a t. The lyrics in the chorus are of smart wordplay with

I’ve got you down to a T – shirt , white sheets and red wine.

Hang on a minute…doesn’t Maren dislike red wine???? (Irrelevant)

The melody makes the song fun and engaging and heart warming in a non sappy way and the instrumental intro grabs your attention immediately. With Maren lending her harmonies for the track, it makes the song all the more beautiful and all the more meaningful.

Perhaps one day we can see the pair singing this song together? Ok, so now crazy ideas are forming in my head about a Maren/Ryan tour headline like Tim and Faith’s – I don’t think that is unrealistic, do you?

To a T is a perfectly addictive, wonderfully radio friendly, catchy tune and in the right kind of way. You can’t help but fall in love with not just the song but its story and the inspiration behind it.

Well everybody knows that the Hurd is the word

Stream To a T here

Purchase To a T here

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