Jillian Jacqueline – If I Were You (feat Keith Urban) – Single Review

Jillian Jacqueline is one of the finest singer/songwriters to emerge within the music industry in the last few years and I don’t just mean in country music. One of the great things about Jillian Jacqueline is her diversity – I don’t like to pin her down to a genre as I think that Jillian is very much a genre within herself – she is an artist that you would recommend to pretty much anyone and everyone.

With just an EP and a couple of singles under her belt, Jillian is already a superstar in many peoples eyes. Her sweet souled vocals, rich, edgy, delightful melodies, smart, quirky, relatable lyrics and vintage visual stylings are an instant draw. Jillian is also probably one of the nicest people in country music who treats her fans with so much love.

It has been a long time coming for Jillian to release new music and although we are yet to receive an album, we are happy to settle with a single until then.

Jillian returns with not just a new single but a single with a feature from country music megastar Keith Urban. A wonderful surprise  and very happily received single – the pairs vocals blend beautifully together, delivering a sublime record that is incredibly pleasing to the ear. The intro and melody is very inkeeping with the current stylings of Jillian Jacqueline instrumentally and flows into a divine verse and captivating, anthem-like chorus which is so incredibly powerful and passionate that you instantly fall in love with it. Jillian’s vocals on the title line If I Were You is so wonderfully bright with a melodious up scale vocal riff.

What’s not to love about this song? This is the best country duet that I have heard in a long time and If it isn’t up for any awards when the time comes then I would be shocked.

Listen to If I Were You here

Purchase If I Were You here

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