Josh McGovern – Weight – Single Review

The moment Weight starts it instantly grabs you. The dark folk melody and deep baritone from Josh causes immediate affect- whether that is in a good way or bad way depends entirely on the individual but for me, it is in a great way. The emotive and painful lyrics of the song are entirely believable in the way Josh sings them with such depth and honesty. The chorus is so hard hitting that you feel every word that Josh sings.

In a world where mental health issues are starting to become better understood and more awareness is being raised, this song is really quite important and very relatable.

The eerie, melancholic melody has a certain cinematic way about it. The stunning use of instrumentation is mesmerising and when the song gently flows into the instrumental segment, you really get lost within the music.

Josh’s voice has a slight Johnny Cash way about it at the beginning of the track and if you like artists such as Nick Cave and The Handsome Family then you should enjoy the music of Josh McGovern. 

Weight is a truly beautiful, hypnotic and wonderful dark piece of music that will captivate you,  haunt you and make you feel deeply emotional.

Regarding the new song Josh says,“Weight is the most black and white thing I’ve ever written. It’s a stark survey of the end of love and my mental health – the bits no one wants to talk about. I’m not the best at talking about that stuff, but so many people struggle with the same situations. I think it’s important to have songs that people can relate to, I wouldn’t be half of who I am without the beautiful music of my peers.”

Weight’ is Josh McGovern’s first release of 2018 and he returns after wowing critics last year with his unique and intoxicating voice discovered in his debut single ‘The Devil Below Me’ and the follow up ‘Love Left Lost’.

Now with the release of ‘Weight’, Josh McGovern is set to make even an greater statement this year with his distinctive and intriguing sound.


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