Liv Austen – Window Shopping – Song Review

The lovely Liv Austen returns with a fresh new sound for her new single Window Shopping which is fun, catchy, infectious and will appeal to all ages. The up beat, slighty dance vibe number is a perfect feel-good summer anthem that makes you want to get up and dance.

If you mix the best sounds of Taylor Swift and Little Mix then you get Window Shopping. Blast this from the car stereo with the windows down or have it blaring from the garden whilst hanging out with friends then neighbours and passer by’s are bound to take notice of the tune.

Norwegian born, London based Liv Austen often experiments with different sounds yet still retains her own style and identity. She has described her music as “part Scandi pop, part UK singer/songwriter and part Nashville country” which we agree with. It is always good to change it up a little and reach a broader audience. We are loving this direction and hope she puts out more songs like it.

Liv wrote Window Shopping with Kaity Rae. Liv and Kaity bonded over their frustration with how superficial a lot of people are when looking for love. The song holds a great message about how we should not have a “type” simply by what a person look like on a photo. With social media being what it is, Instagram, Tinder, people (not everyone) get too caught up in the physical attraction but attraction can go way beyond that once you get to know a person properly and not just online. The lyrics “try someone on” I guess means, give them a chance, try them on for size and see what happens? If you don’t  fit, Well…you never made a binding contract in the first place. If you just window shop, then you will never know if it could have been something special because there is nothing more frustrating than regretting not buying that outfit, going back the next day and then it’s gone. The same can happen with love if you walk by and never give it a chance, they may be someone else’s tomorrow.

Listen to Window Shopping here

Purchase Window Shopping here


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