C2C Interviews 2018

Interview: Stephanie Quayle talks C2C Festival, being Selfish, Love the Way You See Me, Winnebago and more

Stephanie Quayle has been such a special part of B.O.O.N since we first started almost two years ago. Addicts from the first few notes into hearing Drinking with Dolly it is safe to say we are hardcore members of the Flock of Quayle. Stephanie has had such an amazing career in the last few years since Drinking with Dolly. Her second album but debut via Rebel Engine titled Love The Way You See Me has taken her many places and in a literal sense too as her single Winnebago saw her go on tour across the country in a Winnebago. Stephanie really hit the spot though with the release of her single Selfish. A stunning and happily emotional ballad, Stephanie warmed the heart of many with her relatable song about loving someone so much that you don’t want to share them.

Stephanie and I had talked about her playing C2C Festival in the UK for over a year so when she was finally announced, well…celebrations were had. Stephanie played C2C, her first ever UK show to many fans and gained even more afterwards and became a hot topic across the weekend and beyond.

We caught up with Stephanie at C2C to discuss the UK fan base, being Selfish, hopping on a a Winnebago and more.

Since we saw Stephanie in the UK, she has gone on to have her Grand Ole Opry Debut which not only means an awful lot to Stephanie but to her fans too. When you release a song that has the lyrics “Drinking with Dolly after the Opry” then it is almost set in stone that she was meant to play there, I just wish we could have been there in person.


Listen to Love the Way You See Me here

Purchase Love The Way You See Me here


Hi Stephanie – So wonderful to finally meet you in person, how are you?

I am so good thank you.

Welcome to the UK, we were talking this time last year about how we were hoping you could make it over.

I know.

How was your first ever UK show?

It was surreal. I was so focused on everyones faces because in the moments in between the songs I was looking at everyone’s faces trying to memorise them all because for your first show, you don’t know what to expect and to see so many people there who knew the words to my songs, that was incredible and extraordinary. After that to then have a show on the same day with a different setting and being closer to the fans was really emotional. It is emotional because it was my first time and I am so glad you were there.

Well I wasn’t going to not be, we have been with you from the birth Of Drinking with Dolly as have some fans this weekend.

I think that with social media we have such a luxury of being able to connect with so many people, so to see them and you there yesterday was amazing.

You were one of the first on at a pretty early time slot and the crowds were full.

Full, full, completely full

Yes and I managed to get to the front but then the tallest man in Britain stood in front of me, I mean C’mon, if you’re that tall, you don’t stand at the front ha!


Pretty selfish of him. Ohh brings a whole new meaning to your song.


However, I did see this man download your music as you were playing.


So it’s nice that people were curious, liked what they heard and bought the music.

That is so cool.

Drinking with Dolly has been such a big part of this process and is how I found you. To hear that song live was amazing and everyone in the crowd semed to really connect with it.

I felt that too and I think that song is really the song that set the stage for a lot of new listeners and ones that have been following me for years. Despite having songs prior to that, that one will always in my mind kind of be my first because it has really set the tone for where we are going and it has reached a lot of people which is cool.

Love The Way You See me has been doing so well, I am so proud to see your journey since we first spoke – did you ever imagine it would be like this? It has pretty much changed your life?

For sure, I mean going back to Drinking with Dolly and why it’s the first track on the album – we have all been working really hard and putting our heads down and we have a “lean mean team” and working so hard, so to watch the music get heard and be available and to watch the different songs connect for different reasons is amazing.

It has also had such good critical response.

Absolutely, I think that’s what’s really wild about Selfish being on country radio right now and it having such a huge impact. Both the single and the album have had such great responses and then to be touring on top of that is like the tri factor.

You wrote Selfish…

I wrote Selfish with Andy Wills and Tori Tullier who are just extraordinary songwriters.

What was the process?

Well the process is sitting right over here (points to husband and laughs)

My husband and I have been married for a few years now and we both live in different towns so we commute to each other for the most part. I went into this writing session with Andy and Tori and I was feeling feisty haha. I was going in there and saying “Man, I just want more time with my guy and I don’t want to share him because we are busy people and I am just feeling Selfish” and then so this word that has had a sort of negative connotation, we put a positive spin on it and I think we can all relate to wanting more time with the ones we love. It’s been wonderful to watch the song become so many people’s songs.

It is important to be selfish sometimes.

1000 per cent. You have to take that time for yourself and you have to take that time for the ones that you love. We recently did a post about the different meanings of Selfish in a positive way too.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard it on Country Radio?

Wow! I believe the first time I heard it was via a fan who was listening to it on the radio in New York which was really wild. I think it is so cool to get to hear it through the fans as they are experiencing it. My hometown station was one of the first stations to play it but it’s a lot of times when I am with the station that I am hearing it for the first time but when you hear it coming through the radio speakers and you are not expecting it, it is something else.

What is it like hearing your own voice?

It is incredible, it is amazing, I have been making music for years and to see a song, especially one that I wrote have impact and resonate, well I would do backflips if I could haha.

Tell us about your Winnebago tour?

We went over 9,000 miles across the country – we even made our way up to Canada. The song was going to radio and a lot of the places mentioned in the song I had never been to so I just made the proclamation “how cool would it be to live this song?”  I sometimes have these proclamations and then we are going to do it haha. So we were able to team up with Winnebago and KOA Camp Grounds, Polaroid, the RV Loft and SummerField Farms so we had all these incredible partnerships of a lot of business’ to be able to power the tour because it takes a lot of manpower. We went from the Empire State to the Golden Gate and everywhere in the song. We even went to Tupelo Mississippi. I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich in honour of Elvis where he was born and it was really exquisite – it’s a wonderful way to go and see anywhere.

I was wondering, what is the RV’ing like in the UK?

Erm…It happens. We have a lot of Caravan parks and it seems that motor homes are becoming more of a thing too as I am starting to see them a lot more now. My husband wants an R.V. The movie R.V with Robin Williams is one of his favourite films.

It’s hilarious, we watched that right before we went on the Winnebago tour hahaha.

Haha brilliant. I hope you didn’t have the same experience?

We didn’t ha, we had a very different experience.

What is next this trip?

Well we are about to go to Switzerland as I have a performance there.

Oh wow!

Switzerland is actually where I got my start.

Oh really?

My very first band when I was 16 was there and I have not been back since so this is a big homecoming for me.

That’s amazing.

It is really special.

Will you be back to the UK soon?

We will. I’ll tell you what, after experiencing it and being able to connect with fans, we have to come back.

Good, you will always have a home here.

She said it (shouts to her team) I will always have a home here.

Will you be having a CMA Fest Flock party this year?

Hopefully this year for sure. We have some shows following it all over the place, so yes a flock party.

Thanks again for chatting today and we hope you come back soon!

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