Interview: Una Healy discusses new music, June headline tour, playing Long Road Festival and more

Irish singer/songwriter Una Healy recently returned with new music when she released her new single Never See Me Cry. The ex Saturdays member has been incredibly busy over the last couple of years since starting a solo career by playing various shows across the UK and Ireland as well as releasing her debut record The Waiting Game. 

With a new album in the works, Una has not only treated fans with a new single but is about to embark on her first ever headline tour. Whilst Una has played a headline show here and there, June marks her first official tour where she will be playing a string of shows in Ireland as well as the UK. As if a headline tour wasn’t enough, Una has also been announced to be part of the first ever The Long Road Festival which takes place in Leicestershire this September. With a killer line – up, Una will be in good company with fellow Irish country artist Catherine McGrath, UK duo The Shires, Lee Ann Womack , Brent Cobb and many many fantastic artists.

We caught up with Una to discuss her current single, her forthcoming album and her headline tour in June as well as The Long Road Festival.

Listen to Never See Me Cry here

Purchase Never See Me Cry here

Tickets for Una’s headline tour can be purchased here

Tickets for the Long Road Festival can be purchased here


Hi Una how are you?

I am doing really well thank you

How was C2C? You played just before you released new music, did you get to play any of it there?

Yeah I did which was great fun.  I am going on tour in June which will be my first headline tour across Ireland and the UK so it was great to be able to showcase some of the songs at C2C .  I was also at Belfast Songwriters show the night before so I flew across to C2C for the Town Square show and then played Building Six on the Sunday. On the Monday I played The Borderline with Ashley McBryde and Ryan Kinder.

How was the experience in comparison to last year?

It is growing all the time and it is nice to see people appreciate my music and the music of the festival as a whole. Country fans appreciate live music because that is what the country music scene is all about – all real instruments and story telling – it is a great atmosphere, music everywhere.

Did you find more people knew your music this time because last year The Waiting Game hadn’t been out that long?

Yeah, it is always nice when people know the music but I still think that it is quite early for me but C2C is a great way to discover new music that they might not have heard before and there were lovely audiences who seemed to really enjoy it which is great.

You have just released a new single called Never See Me Cry which I am really enjoying – tell us a bit about the story behind the song as I believe it is meant to be a “stick it to the man” sort of song?

Oh yeah! To whoever walked all over you, whoever dominated you in your life that you have moved on from. The song is about moving onwards and upwards, a finger up to them and saying that you’re not going to get the better of me again. It is an uplifting and empowering song I would say. The chorus came into my head when I was on holiday. Melodies come into my head all the time, I can be walking along the street or be in the house, in the bathroom and I have to record a voice memo. I have been writing loads and loads over the last 12 months so it is great to have new music out again.

Did you enjoy filming the video?

The video was really fun. It was great because it was all indoors and filming was during the beast from the east so thank god we still got to do the video because we didn’t know if people were going to be stranded in their homes. I got to dress up in six different outfits which was a lot of fun.

You mentioned you are writing all the time so are you working on a new album at the moment?

Yeah, Never See Me Cry is the first single which is from the new album and I will hopefully release a couple more songs before then.

What direction will the album be in? Will it still be country or singer/songwriter?

Yeah, It is great to be part of the whole country movement that is happening at the moment and my music has huge country influences in there and are all original songs. There will be ballads on the album as well as country pop/rock. With country music there are so many sub genres and the celtic folk is a huge part of me that people will see more of too.

You duetted with Sam Palladio on the last album – will there be any duets on the new album?

I have been in the studio and I have got a song that I can’t say too much about but there will be more collaborations definitely.

Speaking of duetting – you collaborated with Brett Young on the UK version of his song In Case You Didn’t Know – how did that come to be?

I love his voice and we heard the song and I think it was somebody at the label that suggested it. I was delighted to be a part of it because it is beautiful.

You mentioned you will be playing your first headline tour?

I have done shows here and there but not done an actual tour yet so this will be for a week and it will be great to get back out again. I am trying to cover as much ground as I can from Ireland to Glasgow, Manchester and London. We will also be playing some festivals.

It has just been announced that you will be playing the first Long Road Festival- that’s exciting?

It is a great line up and I am so happy to be part of it. I feel quite at home with that kind of music and it will hopefully be a similar audience to C2C Festival. It should be a broader audience as is in Leicestershire – It will be a nice change too as will have the festival camping vibe.

Do you get to go back to Ireland much?

Yeah, I do. I was there the other week to launch my new original shoe collection and then I hosted the six o’clock show there. I go back and forth quite a bit.

Who is the first person you play a new song to for their opinion?

My husband, my parents and my Uncle Declan who is a country artist. They are my go to’s and my sister too.

Do your kids sing a long to your music? Do they understand what their mum does for a living?

Oh yeah, especially my daughter. Hopefully she will come along to some of my shows.

That is lovely – I am hoping to take my two year old to The Long Road Festival

Oh yeah that would be lovely, hopefully I can bring mine too.

It is meant to be a very family oriented festival with lots of things for kids to do so I think it will be wonderful.

It will

Any plans to go back to Nashville?

I would love to go back there again. I am doing all my writing here in the UK but would love to go back.

Your husband plays Rugby, are you a fan? Or more of have to be a fan ha?

I love Rugby, it is a great sport. It can be hard to watch when you are related to someone on the pitch as you are constantly worried they will get injured but I love it.

Thanks so much for talking to me today, I appreciate it. I hope to see a show soon and look forward to new music and am enjoying what we have so far.

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