C2C Interviews 2018

Interview: Catching up with Midland during C2C Festival

Midland have been talked about non stop amongst UK country music fans since they released their EP in 2016 followed by their critically acclaimed album On The Rocks.

Midland have been growing from strength to strength with award nominations, sold out shows and global success. When Midland were announced as part of C2C Festival they were all people could talk about and when they played they were easily one of the highlights the entire weekend.

We caught up with Midland right before their sold out headline show at London’s Omeara.

Listen to On The Rocks here

Purchase On The Rocks here

Hi guys how are you? How has your first trip been?

All: Good

You did your showcase in London go?

Mark – Cam tripped walking on stage, he took a header

Yes I was told that

Cam – You were?

Yeah, I think people thought it was done on purpose as a gimmick

Mark – He cracked a couple ribs

Oh my goodness

Cam – What did people say about it?

Just you fell and they thought it was a joke

Cam – I had too much to drink

How was C2C?

Mark – Yeah it was really cool, we have been in the run with Margo Price, Emmy Lou Harris and Little Big Town so we have been in great company. Margo is awesome, she puts on such a great show and getting to watch Emmy Lou is amazing. The reception we have got has been incredible

You played C2C Glasgow, Dublin and London, how did the crowds differ?

Mark – Each one was great, the Irish were fantastic but the sheer size of London was the biggest show of our lives and it’s really wild to have that in a foreign country – we have only been a band for four years and to be one of the acts to headline C2C is wild. It was an emotional night, never experienced anything like it.

And your Dad was in the audience right?

Mark – Yeah so that was really special. It was one of those nights where you kind of go, holy shit, pretty surreal.

Well you were the band that most people were most excited for.

Mark – Oh really?

Yeah the hype has been crazy

Mark – That is crazy

It was nice to have you on the Sunday as a highly energetic performance as we needed that on the last day haha – it was a great pick me up.

Jess – People stood up the whole time

Mark – There were a lot of people with Midland costumes on and fake moustaches

I heard you say that on stage

Mark – Haha yeah it was all over, just grown ups in fake moustaches haha it was pretty funny

Jess – Maybe next time they will have real moustaches haha

Drinkin’ Problem obviously gets a very big crowd reaction but what other song would you say has the next biggest reaction?

Mark – Make A Little

Cam – They sing the words to it a lot more here than they do in the states. People in the UK seem to not just sing one song but all the songs. It’s a culture of singing the whole album which is really nice, we don’t really have that in the states.

Yes we will do that and if you debut a song one night, we will know the words by the next night haha..

Mark – That is so cool. We had one fan who came to Amsterdam and Berlin and then came to London,

Yes I think I know who that is, is it Kate?

Mark – Yeah

She is your biggest UK fan and I am glad she got to see you

Congratulations on your ACM award nominations, Vocal Group, New Vocal Group, single of the year that must feel amazing to be recognised for your hard working efforts?

Mark – Feels great. You don’t do it for the awards but to be recognised by the industry and the circle is a very cool thing

How has the breakers tour been?

Mark – Really fun

Cam – Little Big Town have become our really good friends, they were the first people who were there when we got off the stage at London for us. They are big supporters of us and it is really nice to have such talented and generous people in your corner.

They do seem genuine

Cam – They are, they are just genuine

Kimberley seems the sweetest person on the planet

All – Oh yeah

Mark – She might just be

Cam – They are all so sweet

So you are back to the UK in Nov/Dec and doing a few shows, everyone is excited, what can we expect from the shows?

Mark – New music will be close to being put out that point so will play new music. We will also travel with a steel player.

Well we are excited to hear it and hey we would be happy with hearing On The Rocks in its entirety.

Mark – Well ten years from now we will do On The Rocks revisited tour and play the album from top to bottom

Jess (in old man voice) Let’s go boys it’s time to go on stage


Mark – It’s time to go on stage old chap

Ha, ten years time you won’t be that old but if you do play when you are old and grey, we will still be there, with our zimmerframes

Mark – Us too

What a show that would be and probably in the afternoon right?

Mark – Yeah a matinee

Haha. Well as I said, we love your music here and so many people wanted you to headline so I don’t think that that is too far off the cards at all

Mark – Wow that’s nice to hear

Cam – Well we are paying our dues you know? We are just glad to see Little Big Town as headliners because they were in our place not too long ago.


Cam – It’s cool to see people who have been at it for years finally get their day in the sun

Agreed. Thanks so much for chatting and we look forward to seeing you in November.

All – Thanks so much, see you then.

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