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C2C Festival: Stephanie Quayle – London O2 Arena – Live Review

Ever since Stephanie Quayle released her single Drinking With Dolly I wanted to see her sing it live. It was one of those very special moments when you hear a song for the first time and know that you will be invested in the artist from then on. Stephanie was one of the very first artists that we featured on BOON back in 2016 and since then we have had a very lovely connection with Stephanie since.

Stephanie is just about one of the nicest people in the music biz and watching her career grow from strength to strength over the last two years has been wonderful and emotional and she has truly deserved every good thing that has come her way.

Stephanie released her album Love The Way You See Me in September last year and has been named by Rolling Stone as one of the New Country Artists You Need To Know.

Love The Way You See Me has had and still has such a wonderful impact on the country music scene and her current single, the stunning ballad Selfish continues to climb the charts.

When Stephanie hinted that she would be at C2C Festival I was just about ready to burst so when it was finally confirmed, well, I thankfully didn’t burst literally but was over the moon that she was playing and found myself looking forward to her set more than anyone else’ and yes, that does include Tim and Faith, as much as I love them.

Saturday March 10th at C2C Festival in the Town Square was Stephanie Quayle’s first ever UK show and I made dang sure that I was there. Early in the day still, The Town Square was packed with her flock and we all waited rather excitedly.

If some of the crowd didn’t know Stephanie then, they were sure going to be knowing her soon. Stephanie thrilled the audience with her stunning voice and her infectious personality which I know won the hearts of many, in fact as I was standing there, behind the most tallest person in the world I might add, I noticed him downloading her music right there and then.

Stephanie certainly had her Flock of Quayle in the audience and it was really quite moving to see fans sing along to every word to songs such as Drinking With Dolly, Ugly, Selfish and the really fun Winnebago. When I say fun, I mean fun , Winnebago is such an upbeat and fun song to listen to but live it was even better and just made me realise how much I loved the song.

Getting to see Drinking With Dolly live and getting to be a part of the voices in the crowd was a very special moment for me in particular. Having been a fan of this song and raving about it for so long, to be able to be there in person was and is a treasured moment. If there was ever a song that needs to be more known in the country world, then it is this one. People were joining the crowd as the song went on – this song engaged a lot of passer by’s whom stopped in their tracks and stayed for the remainder of her set.

Watching an artist be so passionate about their art and so grateful for their platform on the stage is one of the most wonderful things to witness. Stephanie charmed her crowd even more so when she sang her current single Selfish which is a beautiful song about wanting all your man’s time. This song has reached so many great heights and is all over country radio, putting Stephanie in a stand out position on the country music map of stars which she truly deserves.

From start to finish Stephanie squealed with excitement about this being her first EVER UK show and hoped that it would be the first of many, we hope that to.

Stephanie blends traditional and modern country pop perfectly which should appeal to country fans of all sub genres. I hope Stephanie makes the UK like a second home and brings her art frequently as we will be here waiting with open arms, open venue doors and hands shaking full of cash shouting TAKE MY MONEY as we buy multiple tickets to every dang show she does….lets make this thing a reality.

Listen to Love The Way You See Me here

Purchase Love The Way You See Me here

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