C2C Interviews 2018

Interview: Kip Moore on Last Shot, UK fans and more

Kip Moore is without a doubt a UK favourite. Probably one of the best showmen you will ever see live across any genre, Kip and his band go from strength to strength every time we see them.

As if having Kip returning to the C2C stage wasn’t enough, we were also treated with him being part of the CMA Songwriters Series show which is a rarity. Kip joined a strong line up of songwriters such as Natalie Hemby, Nicolle Galyon, Luke Combs and his buddy Brett James.

Moments before the songwriters, I had a few minutes with Kip for a quick chat. Entering the room, Kip was sat on a couch with his guitar and singing a song.

I feel like I am being serenaded” I joked, and Kip laughed and continued to play. As I went to sit down on the chair opposite, I discovered that the seat was incredibly high and Kip then invited me to sit next to him on the couch. As I sat down, Kip put his guitar away and I welcomed Kip back to the UK on behalf of pretty much every C2C attendee and asked him what it is about the UK that keeps bringing him back, to which he responded:

“It is the passion for what we do. You can feel it and you can see it, it’s tangible, it’s the heart they have shown to us as a band – and as long as they keep showing that, then we are going to keep coming back.”

Telling him that he is definitely a favourite in the UK and how his first C2C performance was the highlight for pretty much everyone, he replied with:

Thank you, I appreciate that a whole lot; it means a whole lot.”

As I mentioned above, Kip was joined by his buddy Brett James for the Songwriters show. Brett James is a very well-established songwriter in Nashville, who has been responsible for hits for artists such as Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson – to name a few. He also produced Kip’s first two records Up All Night and Wild Ones, as well as co-writing some of the songs on them.

Kip first met Brett in a gym and spent a lot of time trying to get Brett to listen to his music, which didn’t happen right away. When it did happen, Brett and Kip struck both a strong personal and professional relationship, that still goes strong today. When asked about his working with Brett, Kip said:

Yeah, Brett found me as a songwriter and really was a mentor in many ways. He took time to let me grow as a writer and stuck behind me when there wasn’t instant success. We live in a very instant world now, where people want results fast and he stuck with me, so I am forever in debt to Brett James for that.”

It’s nice to see both of you together at the Songwriters show – I replied.

I love it, I love playing with Brett.”

Kip released his third album Slowheart last year via MCA Nashville and the album debuted at number three in the Billboard Country Charts and number ten on the All Genre US Billboard 20.

Kip has often stated that Slowheart is the album in which he takes the most pride. and when I asked him why he said:

“I just think that if you are present in your life and you’re striving to be better at something and finding out about things you could have done better before and trying to grow, then the product will reflect that. I think that is what this album shows, there is growth on this record, melodically and lyrically. I produced most of the whole thing by myself, so for many reasons this was my best work.”

I then congratulated him on More Girls Than You getting to number one to which he said;

Thank you, I appreciate that, it is always nice to have a hit record!”

Kip released one of his most moving and emotional videos yet in January, for his single Last Shot. The video is shot as a short film which follows a story of friendship and tragic loss. I asked Kip to tell me a little bit about both the song and the video which he was eager to talk about and said;

I’ll tell you about the video first. PJ Brown, directed it – we were both writing the treatments to the last videos, we did The Bull and Blonde and Last Shot. We try to attack the songs from an angle that people aren’t going to be expecting. We could have done a typical ‘in a bar’ kind of thing and told exactly what the lyric was.
But my dad passed from brain cancer, and seeing so many people I know lose loved ones from cancer, when I really thought about the lyrics “This is my last breath and I just wanna hold ya” and if it was “my last time to be around you”, what would I want to say? It then became more than just a song, it became a real love song, so it was all about spinning that and making it hit home in an even more powerful way.”

I agreed and said it definitely comes across that way and I how I loved the portrayal of solid friendship in the video – and, as he said, it’s about real love. I then told him how I loved what he wrote on twitter recently which relates to that video:

The older I get, the more I realize I’ve had a lot of good buddies. The older I get, the more I realize I’ve had very few friends. The older I get, I realize just how much that single word means and the weight it holds. Cherish the true friends. #lastshot @lifeinrewindfilms – this is never a truer statement in adulthood.”

A part of our conversation that was never intended for the printed version was telling him about how when I was pregnant with my son, the only time he would kick would be when I played Wild Ones and I would play it to know he was safe and well. I chose to keep this in the interview as Kip told me:

“You know what is crazy is that I have heard that so much from so many mums who have said their kids love that record. It surprises me when I hear they love Back Seat and That Was Us – I kind of feel bad about that, but at the same time it’s kinda cool, haha!”

Kip then kindly posed for a photo, told me how polite I was and that he loves that about the UK, that we ask for photos rather than just saying “We are taking a photo“.

I said to Kip that that is pretty much as Brits, always polite, always apologise even if not our fault and always queue.

I love that” Kip replied.

Whilst I appreciated the five minutes I had with Kip, I would have liked to have spoken for much longer, as he’s such an easy guy to talk to. There’s a lot more ground I wanted to cover, but with back to back interviews lined up with various members of the press and other media, we had all been kindly given the same amount of time to ensure everyone secured an interview. However, I plan to speak to him again at the first opportunity and learn more about his journey through the music business – watch this space!

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