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Scotty McCreery – Seasons Change – Album Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One door closed and an even bigger one opened for Scotty McCreery last year when he stood by his truth and his belief in his music and his single Five More Minutes despite the fact there were doubters. Letting fuel add to the fire and pushing him to succeed even further, Scotty did one of the bravest things a musician can do and released his most beloved work without a label backing.

Proof that what is in your heart and in your gut should determine which path you choose rather than the direction someone tells you to take, Scotty’s bold move and heartfelt lyrics soon got him turned up loud on country radio and soon got the industry to come knockin’.

One label closed and another one opened and almost in the blink of an eye Scotty has released his best and most honest work yet in the form of an album titled Seasons Change.

Seasons Change may be Scotty’s fourth album but it’s certainly his first album where he was given a lot more artistic freedom to write about what he knew, his experiences and where he, at 24 is in life right now and where he is is a dang good place but it wasn’t exactly a smooth road to get there.

Driving over a few bumps and pot holes, Scotty has learned a lot along the driveway to success and Seasons Change is pretty much the map to that very journey.

Starting with the title track – Seasons Change, Scotty has kept his strong traditional yet modern style and sound that the mainstream country scene lacks of slightly . This is the perfect kick off to the album, it has an uplifting, addictive, upbeat tempo and Scotty’s baritone vocals reel you in within the first line. The song sets a good flow for the rest of the album and you know it is going to be a good’un. Seasons Change is the perfect anthem lyrically to what Scotty faced changing labels and it is inspirational in the sense of there is always a silver lining.

Wherever You Are is another upbeat track that is instantly likeable. I can imagine this song blasting all over country radio and can hear everyone singing along loudly in their cars and at concerts. It pretty much makes you want to sing along loudly to it wherever you are.

Boys Back From Home is an anthemic tune about Scotty’s real life friends and the things they got up to back in the day. It is nice to have a little bit of an invite into Scotty’s world, after all, is that not what country music is all about?

Five More Minutes is just about as authentic as you can get and just about as country as country does. A song that deservedly took the number one slot, Scotty plays tribute to his grandfather in this moving song where he wishes for just five more minutes with him. Somewhat of a ballad, the painfully beautiful and relatable lyrics pull at the heartstrings. Sonically, the song is stunning and emotive in itself.

In Between is a wonderfully catchy tune with an infectious chorus that you can imagine being sung by the likes of Keith Urban or Tim McGraw so watch this space guys and make room for Scotty. The twangy sound of the traditional instruments on this track bring this song to an even higher level and every instrumental detail is crafted so perfectly.

Any hardcore fan of Scotty will likely feel highly emotional listening to This Is It or anyone in general really. This ballad is absolutely gorgeous and is such a lovely story and as Scotty describes “is the blueprint to his proposal to his fiancé” (Gabi.) This Is It is without a doubt going to be the next big wedding song for newlyweds – its stunning emotive melody brings happy tears and the lyrics are incredibly romantic. Hearing this song live will be one of those moments you won’t forget.

Wrong Again has a fun, slick, rock start to it and has an exciting chorus which is good fun to sing along to. The song gives a slightly different edge to Scotty showing that he can be a lot more diverse. The same goes for the song Move It On Out which holds more of a pop country style to it but not in a “is it country or is it pop?” kind of way as it is clearly country music. I can imagine this song being a big summer anthem and a huge radio hit that you hear everywhere especially in places all around CMA Festival. It will be interesting to see if it gets released as a single and around that time.

Barefootin’ has a nice soulful, Jazzy edge to it and has a really great brass segment to it. This upbeat tune should get you dancing in no time and has a Chris Young/ Josh Turner feel to it.

Still has a smooth, gentle melody to it and tells a story of young love right at the beginning and how that same love grows still. This is such a beautiful love letter to, I should imagine Gabi. If this song doesn’t get you slow dancing with your partner then I don’t know what will. I love the chorus, it is simple yet incredibly effective, even the vocals that seem to stay on one level are just really infectious.

Home In My Mind is one the fans have been raving about for a while. I keep mentioning the word beautiful but that’s it exactly what this album is. This song is so sweet and tells of real places of Scotty’s home. Life on the road is hard and Scotty translates those feelings perfectly in this song because no matter how big you get or how busy you are, home is always where the heart is and is always on your mind.

Every track from this album is single worthy and a perfect fit for country radio, so much so that I would be pleased with any of them being released as a single. Scotty deserves the success coming his way and I am excited to see how far this album travels as I am positive it will reach great heights.

Scotty has a voice made for country music and his talents as a songwriter should be championed after this well crafted album.

A soundtrack to his life, Scotty has set the bar high this year and I challenge any artist to deliver a more honest, authentic album that hits quite like Seasons Change does. Scotty is the one to watch this year and has worked hard to get here. As a winner of a contest show, some would say he has a lot to prove but this album is more than proof, Scotty is the real deal.

Listen to Seasons Change here

Purchase Seasons Change here

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  1. Thank you for your fantastic review of Scotty McCreery’s Season’s Change. You hit the nail on the head and we are all excited to hear Scotty’s new music on the radio.

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  2. It’s rare when you hear an album where every song is something special. That’s what you get with this album. Country music story telling at its finest with a smooth, deep delivery from one of country music’s best male voices. Scotty Mccreery, at only 24 years old, is country music gold. Truly, a legend in the making.

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  3. Excellent review of Seasons Change. The artistry of the album shows through on every aspect. From the personal song writing, the arrangements on the songs to the flowing placement of the songs on the album, and of course, Scotty’s voice shows this to be the project that will launch Scotty to the top in Country music.

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  4. As I listened to the album for the first time, I expected to find at least one or two songs I might fast forward through but I was wrong. All eleven songs are relatable & relevant. Personal favorites besides the already # 1 hit, Five More Minutes are Still, Barefootin, In Between and Home in My Mind. Thank you for your honest review and acknowledgement of the incredible talent Scotty McCreery has displayed in this latest album.

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  5. This is an accurate review of Scotty’s album this is what he deserves. This album is so clean, so good, vocals are fantastic, lyrics so touching. He feels every song and it touches because he feels what he is singing. This young man is unique, the best that I have heard in years. He has a golden voice like none other.

    Liked by 2 people

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