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Interview: Talking to Stephanie Quayle about C2C Festival, her wonderful album and more

If you are going to see anyone live over the C2C Festival weekend then make sure it is Stephanie Quayle. Stephanie will not just fill your hearts with her sensational music and stunning voice but also her warm and bubbly personality. Stephanie is probably just about the funnest and kindest artist you will see/meet all weekend and her playing in the UK has been a long time coming for us.

Stephanie first burst out into the scene for us with her epic track Drinking With Dolly – yep you got it, the song is about wanting to drink with the one and only Dolly Parton and what a song it is.

Stephanie has grown from strength to strength since the release of DWD and released her album Love The Way You See Me last year which was ranked in our top albums of 2017.

Stephanie’s latest single Selfish is a beautiful country ballad with a lot of relatable lyrics about being in love unconditionally with your partner.

If you love the modern traditional sound in country music, then Stephanie is the one for you, if you want to be entertained and leave a show feeling all happy and on a high then please catch one or more of her sets.

Stephanie has been named as one of Rolling Stone’s Country Artists You Need To Know and I couldn’t agree more.


We caught up with Stephanie this week to discuss C2C, her Flock of Quayle, her music and more.


Stephanie Quayle - Photo Credit: Jen Wood

Stephanie Quayle – Photo Credit: Jen Wood

Hi Stephanie how are you?

I’m fantastic! We have been on the road since the first week of January sharing my new single “Selfish” and I’M COMING TO LONDON in a few weeks! There’s so much excitement brewing I might burst.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and why you wanted to go into country music as a career?

Country songs were my soundtracks growing up on a farm in Montana. I’d listen on our AM radio in our horse barn while mucking stalls! I have been creating stories since I was a little human through poetry and songs. I never knew this could be my life until I was living in Switzerland my junior year of high school. I joined and fronted a band there and when I stepped out on stage I just knew that this would be my life…I just didn’t quite know how…yet.

I am going to go straight in and say, C2C, how excited are you to come over to the UK in the next few weeks?

It’s a dream realized, a joy beyond measure and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my music with the C2C Flock of Quayle.

What would you like to say to the fans over here?

Thank you for your support and PATIENCE! And that we will be coming back much more often! I think at least once year, don’t you?

Will this be your first time here?

I was able to come up here from Switzerland during my year exchange. This will be my first time performing in London.

Have you heard much about C2C? What does everyone back home say of it?

I have heard it is EPIC and that the country fans overseas have so much love and appreciation for country music. I can already feel it…there will be tears. This is such an incredible time in Country Music.

What can we expect from your shows?

A LOT OF ENERGY! I’m like a cup of cowboy coffee. Full Octane. And there will be stories about the songs and my life and lots of fan interaction. This is an US thing, not me thing. I’m here for the fans.

Will you be hoping to catch any acts during the weekend?

I hope so! There is so much amazing talent coming over and a few of my pals- we gotta support each other! Midland guys are at the top of my list.

If no time to catch any shows, who are you hoping to be drinking with seeing as Dolly isn’t here?

Ashley McBryde. We met through Country Cares at St Jude this past January and I’m a huge fan…and she is hilarious!

So, just in case the last question made no sense to anyone, tell us about your song Drinking With Dolly because everyone needs to hear this song, it’s so good.

“Drinking With Dolly” is everything. It truly feels like my beginning even though there are many songs that came before this one. It’s a tribute to the women of country music and simpler times. The first line, “sometimes I think I was born too late, came into the world in the wrong decade,” had me hooked immediately. I’ve said these words a thousand times… these were my words even though the glorious Victoria Banks & Rachel Proctor wrote them. It was a must to share this song with the world. Now, this song is a part of me and will always be where it all began. I plan to sing this song for the next 50 years; “Drinking With Dolly” will be a Quayle Classic.

You have just released your album Love The Way You See Me – tell us a bit about the album and its story?

Love the Way You See Me is me, it’s your soundtrack. If you wanted to know me, who I am, this is my me. Of course it opens with “Drinking With Dolly,” and moves through emotions from the carefree melodies of “Winnebago” to the gut wrenching, heart-holding “Ugly.” The title track is how wonderful it is to be seen through others’ eyes in a way that we usually don’t see ourselves. It all comes back to the fans. I love the way you see me!

Your current single is Selfish – tell us a bit more about that song

I wrote “Selfish” with Tori Tullier & Andy Wills. I walked into that writing session with a lot on my mind. Not wanting to share my man, his time and wanting to be more selfish with him. That’s how this song was born and now it’s making its way up the charts surpassing all my previous songs. The best part is the fans embracing it. There are few songs from this perspective when it comes to women in country.

What British food will you be trying over here? If any…..

Everything! I love food. What should I start with?

Will you get time to sightsee?

We will get some time to sightsee! My husband is joining us and has never been. I can’t wait to take him around your fine city.

Do you know any UK country acts?

I want to know them all! Who are some of your favorites?

Stephanie Quayle - Photo Credit: Amaryllis Lockhart

Stephanie Quayle – Photo Credit: Amaryllis Lockhart

Tell us about your Flock of Quayle

This is our fan family, we are for life and we all come together in the name of country music!

Where can we see you over the weekend?

I can’t wait! Saturday we play the The Town Square Stage at 11:10 followed by a meet & greet and then we play the C2C Session at the NY-LON at 13:50! Sunday we are back at The Town Square Stage at 12:30 with another meet & greet after the show.

Any plans to return after C2C?

I’m sure I will be making plans to come back as soon as we get there!  I hear there is a direct flight from Nashville coming into play very soon….MUAHAHAHA…This is glorious.

Thanks Stephanie, I cannot wait to see you, been waiting a long time to see you and Drinking with Dolly Live and now the whole album too.

I can’t wait to meet you and I’m so very grateful for your heart, sharing our music and your dedication to the country music family that we are.


You can see Stephanie live across the C2C Festival weekend on the following stages;

Saturday 10th March

Town Square – 11.10 followed by meet and greet

C2C Ny-Lon Session 13.50

Sunday 11th March

Town Square – 12.30 followed by meet and greet

Listen to Love The Way You See Me here

Purchase Love The Way You See Me here

Keep up to date with all things C2C including Stage times by downloading the official app here

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