2Steel Girls – Queen Bee/In My Head – Single Review

2Steel Girls first came to our attention by appearing on NBC’s The Voice. Not only were their vocals immediate chair turners but the fact that they are a mother/daughter duo caused more intrigue and amazement. Allison and Krystal have vocals that are ‘on fire’ and are meant to be heard.

On February 23rd, 2018, they released two new singles Queen Bee and In My Head, both songs offering very different qualities.

Queen Bee is a powerfully strong up beat fun tune. This track showcases impressively fierce vocals from both Allison and Krystal Steel with a lot of sass and attitude making it the perfect female empowerment song.

In My Head is more of a country ballad with a lot more emotion behind it. The track has good use of instrumentation and shiws a different side to their vocals in terms of emotion, passion and maturity.

2 Steel Girls are a fantastic country music duo with very little of a pop sound and more of a modern country sound which is wonderful to hear – they certainly have a place in today’s country music market and they will only continue to grow as they release more music. With voices like these, it is hard to ignore this duo and what we hear on record, will only be even more sensational live.

The duo are set to release an album this year and I intend on getting hold of it as soon as I can.

Purchase In My Head here

Purchase Queen Bee – Single by 2Steel Girls here

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