Lauren Alaina movie Road Less Traveled on DVD – have you seen it?

Last year (2017) during a highly successful album release for her exceptional album Road Less Traveled Lauren Alaina also made a movie with the same title. I am yet to see this film but am intrigued. I have seen mixed reviews as you would expect but then again, I also saw mixed reviews, mostly bad ones for Britney Spears’ film Crossroads which I loved.

The plot for Road Less Traveled is as follows;

Charlotte struggles to balance her upcoming wedding with her career. She searches for answers in her hometown, where she runs into her high school sweetheart, which prompts Charlotte to wonder what life would have been like if she’d never left.

You can grab a copy on dvd via the image


***however please note if outside the US you will need a multi region dvd player.

I cannot wait to see this movie and will be reviewing it as soon as I have seen it. If anyone has seen it, please comment your thoughts below.

If you haven’t yet bought the album then you must. Lauren Alaina released, in my opinion one of the best country albums of last year, it was full of emotion, honesty and beautiful vocals and stunning music. Buy it below (image)

Check out our album review here

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