Live Reviews

BOON’s Editor’s Top Ten Gigs of 2017

By Hannah Compton

10. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown at British Summer Time Festival

The entire set was like being transported back to a time of my youth listening to artists such as Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and so on. The band had so much energy and were so much fun to watch and sing along to. They got the crowd participating a lot with fist pumping, rhythmic clapping and much more.  The band really knew how to, lack of better wording ‘rock out’. I walked away after feeling that their set alone, was worth the entire journey and entire day out.

9. Temecula Road – The Borderline – Country Music Week

It had been a good seven months since I last saw Temecula Road and they have come so far. Always brilliant, they managed to impress me even further and proved how much they have grown as artists and individuals. Maddie, Emma and Dawson seemed so much more relaxed and confident this time and they made me feel that they truly belong here now, the audience reaction alone showed the trio that they have a home here. The trio’s banter on stage always has me in giggles and adoration as they come out with the sweetest and goofiest things that just makes you LOVE them.

8. The Wandering Hearts – Cornbury Festival

The Wandering Hearts are going places, this group are just insane and every song they sing is wonderfully exciting and so well written and live they are really quite special and I would be quite happy seeing a show with their voices alone.

7. Marty Stuart – C2C Festival

Marty is old school yes, but he is without a doubt the coolest cat in town and I dare you to question that. He is such a smooth, slick and bad ass performer that he is an artist other artists look up to, idolise. Marty Stuart is truly a legend and I feel privileged to have seen him live.

6. Darius Rucker – C2C Festival

The band got the crowd going with their exceptional playing and when Darius walked on stage, the crowd were already up on their feet cheering as he began singing the words to Lighter Up. Darius is a showman and does the best ‘dad dancing’ you will ever see. He certainly knows how to sway those hips.

5. Jillian Jacqueline – The Borderline – Country Music Week

Jillian’s style visually alone draws you in – her music matches her wardrobe as both make her deliciously unique, retro yet current, traditional yet pop and definitely an artist to watch. Her live performance was fun, fresh, hip and exciting with sweet sounding tunes and an overall engaging show.

4. Twinnie – Cornbury Festival

What a show, a truly superb performance which left the crowd mesmerised. Twinnie is a born performer and I honestly felt like it was a treat, I felt so lucky to have been there and in such an intimate setting too. Out of the entire weekend, Twinnie’s set was the one I went away remembering the most, the one that I can’t stop talking about.

3. Drake White and The Big Fire – The Borderline – Country Music Week

How can you possibly put one of the best shows you have ever been to into words? It isn’t easy and I am not sure that I can ever get across just how phenomenal Drake White and The Big Fire’s show was. This band know how to rock a joint and they were so energetic, loud and mind blowingly fantastic that I find myself still buzzing and singing along to their music as I type.

2. Miranda Lambert – Manchester

Miranda’s crowd interaction was on top form as she didn’t just engage with her audience, she made you feel as if you mattered as she looked at so many fans in the eye and smiled as well as often mouthing thank you

1. Maren Morris/ Ryan Hurd – Bristol

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – A Strong, Vibrant and Rockin’ performance – Ryan Hurd is one to watch and a performer not to be missed.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Five Star stellar performance – Maren not only showed us How It’s Done but gave us an evening of empowerment, sass and deep emotion that even the drunk girls cried.


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