TV: Chesapeake Shores – a warm hearted, family drama

There are so many great TV shows out there at the moment across all TV genres and as someone who used to watch so many shows, I have cut back a lot since having a child due to lack of time. With the lack of hours to watch shows, I also do not have much of a concentration span so when I watch I show, I want it to be easy going, interesting and addictive or the show will lose me.

Netflix is a god send, many will agree and there is so much choice on there. I am not exactly sure how I discovered Chesapeake Shores, I think it must have just popped up as a recommendation. As a country music fan, I love watching anything related to Nashville or to small town America or anything that has even the slight reminder of the genre.

Chesapeake Shores is a Hallmark Channel series based on a series of books with the same title by Sherryl Woods and is set in Maryland. The show is based around a loving yet slightly broken family called The O’Brien’s. The show mostly focuses around Abby O’Brien (Meghan Ory) who has a very demanding career in New York, two twin daughters and is going through a divorce but one day she receives a panicked call from her younger sister Jess who is attempting to open up her own B&B and returns home with her daughters to help out.

Returning to her family town of Chesapeake Shores to rush to her sisters aid, Abby finds herself surrounded by her old life including her old boyfriend Trace (Jesse Metcalfe) from 16 years ago who is now a musician with some success in Nashville. The O’Brien’s consist of sisters Abby, Bree and Jess, brothers Kevin and Connor, Mick O’ Brien (Dad) and Nell who is the Irish Grandmother played by Diane Ladd who has quite a bad accent. The family dynamics are soon disrupted slightly by the return of the children’s absent mother (Barbara Niven) who attempts to rekindle their relationship which doesn’t sit well with some.

Chesapeake Shores is very much a small town, family orientated show and there is no major drama or intense storyline but it is in general just a lovely heart warming, family friendly series with really likeable characters who you root for, want to see happy and you find yourself invested in their lives. I really recommend the show especially if you like an easy going, laid back show set in a picturesque environment with sweet stories and characters.

Treat Williams who plays Mick O’Brien is the heart of the show and if you were a fan of Everwood then you should enjoy this series too. Each main character has a key role and you soon have your favourites.

Chesapeake Shores is currently on its second series with episodes airing on UK Netflix weekly and I am already hooked.

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