Interview: Bryony talks to The Adelaides about their tour with Megan McKenna and more

By Bryony Jewell

They may have only been together for a short amount of time but country trio The Adelaides are fast becoming a household name.

With their shining talent for intricate harmonies, the three girls certainly know how to create their own thoughtful songs, such as the catchy I’d Do It Again as well as beautifully covering country classics, notably Maren Morris’ My Church.

In 2017 the Birmingham based band performed at Country Music Week and supported Megan McKenna on her UK tour. This is clearly just the beginning for this promising country girl group.

We got to sit down with the lovely Abi, Paris and Alicia before their London show and get to know them a little more.

Hi girls, thank you for talking to me tonight. You’re on the last night of the Megan McKenna tour now, what has been the highlight so far?

Paris: Everywhere has been great but I think we’d have to say Derby. They were a really nice crowd.

Abi: They were all so interactive and got involved. We’ve got a lot of audience participation, and it’s well awkward when you’ve got a crowd that doesn’t want to participate.

Paris: They were really listening to our softer songs as well, which was nice.

Abi: And some of our family were there. It’s always nice when you know you’ve got people there, to sing along and start of the clapping!

Paris: Although we have had a few people who have come just for us that we’ve never met before, who have seen us play. Like when we were at Country Music Week in October and a few people from the Borderline came to see us.

Do you find it strange when you see people singing back your songs to you?

All: Yeah we do!

Paris: When we were in Derby, and we start with a song called Jack Daniels, I saw a girl that I’ve never seen before singing in the back and I thought, oh that’s weird!

Alicia: She must have seen our videos.

Abi: Yeah, were looking forward to being able to *holds microphone out* one day. If we did that now it would be silent and tumbleweed.

How long have you all been together and performing as a band?

All: Since July, yes since the summer.

What were you doing before then?

Paris: Me and Abi were in a band before, but then we came away from that and wanted to find a third person. Then we found Alicia on YouTube but you were doing dancing and acting.

Alicia: Yeah, I was doing dancing and acting at Drama school in London, at Urdang Academy. I was there for two years but I came away from it because it was music theatre and ot just wasn’t what I wanted to do.

You either love it or you don’t, and if you don’t – and you only half like it – it won’t work because it’s so cut throat. So yeah, I came out of it, took a risk and found these guys! Well, they found me. I was very grateful.

What got you all into country music?

Abi: I’ve grown up with it. I’ve always liked every genre of music but I do love country. It’s probably my favourite. My dad plays the guitar, so when I was little they use to play songs like Landslide to get me to sleep, as i was quite energetic and they could never get me to shut up and go to sleep! So yeah, grown up with it. I’ve always loved a good country tune.

(all agree)

Alicia: Same with me really, but more the blues and jazz mixture of it.

Paris: And me too. My dad listened to a lot of Dolly Parton and Shania Twain when I was growing up so when I started singing, I was always singing Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood. I didn’t realise that it was ‘country’ really at the time, I didn’t pinpoint it as country. I just liked the sound of it and realised I actually really like this genre.

I think a lot of people would agree, and that and it’s not until someones actually like “oh this is country music” and points out that it is a country song that you realise that it is.

Abi: Yeah, some people put it into the stereotype where its all yeeehaw and it’s not all like that. And then well, I was about to say that other people think it’s all depressing, but we do have a lot of songs that are.

Paris: We want to have that with people, we don’t necessarily want them to realise that it’s country. That’s why we have the pop influences as well.

Alicia: Yeah, the commercial side of country.

When it comes to writing your own songs, what is the process like?

Paris: It differs really.

Abi: We like to think of a story first and then figure out where it goes.

Alicia: One of us will be like “ooh I have an idea” and then we voice note a lot and send it to each other.

Paris: I think we’ve all had a book that we write stuff in and then if anything pops into our heads we write it down and then when we do sit down and have a writing session we go back to the book.

Can you remember the first thing you wrote together?

All: I think it was I’d Do It Again

Paris: That’s a very Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheats, kind of vibe that we have going with it

Abi: Yeah, I’d agree

Paris: It’s a bit sassy isn’t it, we like a bit of sass.

How about performing covers? You mentioned Carrie Underwood but what’s your go-to artists? And will there be any covers in your set tonight?

All (without hesitation!): Maren Morris!

Paris: Definitely Maren.

Alicia: There’ll be a few covers tonight

Paris: Have you ever watched the TV show Nashville? There is a song called Sanctuary which we do.

Alicia: I think that’s our favourite to do live.

I bet that gets a great response from fans of the show?

Abi: Yes definitely. Actually when we were at Country Music Week they were all really into it, it was great.

That must have been fab. What would you say was the highlight of 2017?

All: Country music week, without a doubt!

Paris: They were such a good audience, and because they loved country and knew the music and really listened to us.

Abi: We came off on such a high didn’t we.

Alicia: We didn’t know what to expect did we, because they were such a hard core audience.

Paris: And because we’re new, and were out first, it was so nerve-racking.

Abi: We were praying that it’d go well, and it did.

Paris: We were stood by our little merch stand after and thought ‘no-ones going to come and turn up’ and so many people came we were like ‘oh wow you’re here!’. Loads of people were queuing for a photo for ages.

Abi: I was gobsmacked.

Did you get to see anyone perform at Country Music week?

Abi: Yeah we saw Levi Hummon and we saw Jillian Jacquiline.

Alicia: He was great, and we love her songs so it was great to see her with a full band.

Abi: She was so good live

Paris: And she had these really cool boots on as well!

What is there to come in 2018 for you?

Paris: We have a few things in the pipeline but we’re not allowed to say anything yet. Which is really annoying but it’s all good and exciting stuff.

Alicia: Yes that’s all we can say!

Have you ever been to Nashville?

Paris: I went a couple of years ago for three weeks back when i was doing a lot of solo stuff. I just wanted to play as many places as i could and experience country music at its finest. I’d definitely want to go back with you guys

Abi (jokes): Yes, we’re desperate to go. And we’re all the legal drinking age soon and there is no point of going until after that really.

Paris: Yeah I was 20 when I went, so when it got to 9pm it was like “out you go”

Abi: They chucked you out the bar?! I was in pubs at the age of 12

If you could perform with anybody who would it be?

Abi: Florida Georgia Line and Rascal Flatts. Even though FGL already did something with the Backstreet Boyz, but still I think we’d go down well.

Alicia: I’d personally love to perform with Dan + Shay, I think they’re amazing.

Paris: I was going to say that as well! I think we’d be good with another country group like that who do harmonies.

Alicia: Rascall Flats as well

Paris: Yeah, get some six part harmonies going

Does it take you long to come up with your harmonies and put songs together or does it just naturally happen?

Paris: It depends really. It’s on the chords as well of what we’re playing but most of the time it’s alright.

Alicia: Some songs are harder than others

Paris: But it tends to be put together quite quickly. Like we did a Christmas cover of Santa Baby, and that’s very harmony based all the way through, and we learnt that in like three hours.

So you’re based in Birmingham. What do you think about Country music in Birmingham? Is there a big crowd there?

All: Ummmm, no.

Abi: A lot of people are like “country? what?”

Paris: But there has been some speakings of a country bar in Birmingham so hopefully it’s on the up.

What do your friends and family think about you being a country band?

Alicia: They love it! To be fair, when i first joined the group i think they were all thinking ‘oh god, country pop’ because they weren’t sure what to expect. But now that they’ve seen us perform live they just absolutely love it!

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