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Campbell Station – Already Gone – EP Review

Campbell Station are a country music trio from Nashville who consist of Seth Ferguson, Elaina Campbell Connor and Campbell Ross.

Campbell Station have an infectious sound from the start. There is something about strong vocal harmonies that just bring out the best sound and style in country music and Campbell Station have that down to a fine art. Powerful female leads don’t get enough credit in the music industry and when you hear voices like Elaina’s and Campbell’s it becomes almost criminal that they are so unsung.

Campbell Station are vocally and melodically delicious. Their highly addictive pop infused, country – soul sound is delightful, fruitful and exciting.

Misery won’t be dragging you down to a gloomy state anytime soon as does exactly the opposite of its title and uplifts your mood with its up tempo, toe tapping beat and joyful harmonies that stretch across a wide range of impressive, stand out notes despite its saddened lyrics in places. Elaina and Campbell’s voices compliment each other beautifully and elegantly and make you want to listen to them over and over again.

Feelings Change was released as a single and understandably so as has a strong hook to it and a very memorable melody. The chorus is very nice and has an early Carrie Underwood way about it – think Ever Ever After.

The traditional sounding I’ve Been Drinking has a blues element to it mixed with a slight gospel feel mostly down to the girls powerful voices. This song is simply stunning and shows off the girls vocals in a whole new light.

Somewhere Else To Be is an enjoyable mid tempo tune with a contemporary rock melody and hints of Fleetwood Mac blended with Wilson Phillips.

Already Gone closes the EP with more of a country rock style and very strong instrumentals from Seth who appears to play everything from guitar, bass to drums. The guitar work is quite heavy throughout the track giving it a rock ballad vibe which is pretty cool.

Already Gone has a good mix of genres blended with a fresh country sound which makes Campbell Station quite unique. The different styles keep you interested, curious and excited and wanting to explore more of their music.

Listening to Campbell Station makes me eager to see a live show as there is no doubt that their vocals alone will create an exceptional sound that will bounce off the walls. However, when the use of instruments compliments a voice, then it makes a show even more solid. Maybe one day I will get to experience their performance skills.

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