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Kelsea Ballerini – Unapologetically – Album Review

What a stunning start to a gorgeous album – Graveyard kicks off Unapologetically, it gives me goosebumps and already I am in love with this album. The beautiful ballad sets the flow to a collection of truly exceptional songs which have exceeded my expectations. Every song brings that little bit more making it hard to pin point a favourite and certainly making it impossible to skip a track.

Kelsea is the next big thing and there is so much room for her in the music industry right now. Her lead single to this album Legends set the bar incredibly high but at the same time left fans excited and eager with each fan knowing she would deliver a strong set of songs. Hardcore fans already know a lot of Kelsea’s unreleased tracks including the ever so popular song High School the only song on the album solely written by Ballerini and one she has teased during many live performances. High School is breathtakingly beautiful and that moment in a live setting where everyone holds up a light and sing in unison. We dive into Kelsea’s past in many of her songs especially High School which a song her demographic will most certainly relate to. The melody is emotional and passionate and Kelsea shows a true strength vocally during this song.

I Hate Love Songs is another fan favourite amongst the hardcore fans and again is a song Kelsea has showcased live. Kelsea always introduces this song with quite a funny story about her relationship with her fiance and fellow singer/songwriter Morgan Evans. The lyrical content to this song is comedic, simple yet genius which is hardly surprising as is co written with Trevor Rosen and Shane McAnally. Kelsea proves her intelligence in her song writing on this track. The melody is also quite brilliant in its old fashioned form with hints of doo wop and blues music.

I hate pink hearts with glitter and Valentine’s dinner
And roses just die in a week
We were drunk when we met so we don’t know our anniversary

Miss Me More has an edgy start with quite a fresh sounding beat and a strong dance anthem with an underlay of latin rock which makes it quite exciting.

Roses starts off with a rather loud and hard hitted sound. A song much like tunes from Taylor Swift’s 1989 this song is really quite addictive and incredibly powerful. I would like to see it released as a single.

Machine Heart has a sweet – sounding, sugar coated melody which grows into a more full chorus which is quite heavily produced and very pop driven, not my favourite but still good.

In Between has an acoustic guitar intro which grabs your attention immediately. This song shows just how much Kelsea has grown as a songwriter as the subject grows within the songs story. Such a lovely song in every aspect.

End Of The World – I love this song. It is an astonishing acoustic driven song with a hypnotic melody and an even more enchanting chorus which is more heavily produced. This song has very strong moments in places in particular in the very acoustic moments.

Get Over Yourself is everything you need in a modern country song, it is wonderfully addictive and is almost a female vocalists answer to a Dan + Shay song. I would love to hear this song live, it speaks volumes in its mid tempo range.

Music is a pop/blues/Jazz tune with an enthralling, sultry smoky vibe to it.

Unapologetically – the title track of the album has an easy going vibe with vocals that Kelsea makes look easy with her natural ability.

Legends is the lead single to the album and really pushed Kelsea into a whole new light as the song immediately resonated with, well pretty much everyone. It is such a strong force of a song with a great anthemic, stadium filled feel to it. This tracks closes the album and rightly so as gives it a good send off, that is until it starts again as we will all no doubt have it on repeat right?

Unapologetically brings a whole new edge to Kelsea Ballerini – the album is well produced, well crafted and hosts a number of enthralling, captivating and much more mature filled songs showing the growth and appeal in Kelsea, sonically, lyrically and personally and this album should undoubtedly bring her a whole new audience. Whilst The First Time is fantastic in its own right, Unapologetically is on a whole new level.

Unapologetically is more than just a cross over album – it is far from the usual generic pop sound we hear in todays mainstream music and far from the typical country pop sound too – it is an album that the music industry has been missing and Kelsea made the right decision to leave all the young, upbeat pop numbers behind to evolve into a more mature, sophisticated, elegant artist.

A wonderfully relatable young woman who connects with her audience, Kelsea is filling a void. Kelsea’s career has only really just begun and we can expect to see her everywhere for years to come, delivering a more impressive repertoire as her albums unfold.

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