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Chris Young – Losing Sleep – Album Review

Firstly, I love Chris, he is such a teddy bear and quite possibly the nicest man in country music and he loves his fans. In meet and greets he seems to be so genuinely happy and grateful to meet every fan and spends a bit of time with them to show his appreciation, so for that alone this man truly deserves his success. Onto the music though – Chris has now had a number of highly successful albums with one of my favourites being I’m Comin’ Over – however, I think I may have just found my new favourite of his right here in Losing Sleep.

The album opener is the title track off the album and has instant appeal from the first note. Losing Sleep is one of those songs that could have mainstream success. It is so catchy and in a really nice non irritating way and far from the guilty pleasure side of catchy. The song is of mid tempo and has a strong modern country sound blended with a slight shot of R & B which shows the songs potential to have many angles, versions and I would love to not only hear this song backed by a full band but also acoustically as it is just one of those songs that holds a lasting impact.

The album then flows straight into Hangin’ On which is another really stand out track and very single worthy. Again, it has instant appeal with its infectious melody and for me, what I have found in the past with some of Chris’ music is that I never found myself singing along that much but so far, I am toe tappin’ and singing along.

Holiday starts with such an exciting twangy guitar intro and flows into a more traditional country sound. This track has a nice rhythm to it that makes you sway along to it and again, another very memorable track, I am so pleased.

Radio and The Rain another delightful tune instrumentally, the detail on this album sonically so far is rather gratifying and exciting.

Where I Go When I Drink is a strong country ballad and typically so but not in a bad way. A song that pulls at the heartstrings and will have everyone in tears in a live acoustic setting, Chris will win a crowd with this song alone. Chris’ voice shines in this song and gives us an emotive side to him vocally and shows a story telling side to the way he sings.

She’s Got A Way grabs me with its funky riffs. Its rocky edge makes you sing along like a maniac and again, those funky guitar fiffs…..

Leave Me Wanting More so far, the least memorable track for me and kind of gets lost within many country songs out there that are very similar. It is good but is just competing against much better songs on the album.

Trouble Looking another filler for me I’m afraid but has some great moments especially in the bridge. I just find it a bit too shouty with too much going on, sorry.

Woke Up Like This this song is alright but again, just doesn’t have the same affect on me as other tracks. I do think that it is a grower though, so may change my mind the more I listen to it.

Blacked Out is a beautiful ending to the album, it has a stunning melody with gorgeous acoustic guitar picking throughout. This is a truly emotive song with irresistible moments instrumentally and the lyrics are well written and rather poetic and in general the song is rather hard hitting which leaves you in a pensive mood when the album finishes.

Chris co –wrote every song on this album for the first time and is something I hope that he continues to do as I just love it and I didn’t expect to. This album brings out a more relevant and youthful side to Chris Young which should hopefully see him high in the charts and give him more credit as a songwriter. The first half of the album is definitely the strongest in my opinion but overall this is a great album from Chris and as I have mentioned before, his best so far…

I said that as much as I love Chris I was done with seeing him live because I had seen him so many times but after this album, well…I think I may be swayed.

Purchase Losing Sleep by Chris Young here


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