CMW - Country Music Week

Sarah Darling – The Borderline – Live Review – Country Music Week

You can’t have a UK country festival without Sarah Darling on the bill – a regular visitor to our part of the world, Sarah has become an honourary Brit and not just because she married one but because she has built a home here within her fanbase and we will always welcome her back.

Sarah is such an underrated artist – her album Dream Country has become one of my favourite albums of all time and she deserves so much recognition for her craft.

During Country Music Week Sarah played on the Sunday, the final night at The Borderline supporting Jace Everett. There were a lot of Sarah fans in the crowd which was wonderful to see but despite that, there were also a lot of talkers in the audience which I always find disrespectful. Alas, Sarah soon distracted me from that as she began her Dream Country set with her stunning single Where Cowboys Ride. Captivating her audience, Sarah shone and dazzled throughout her set with songs such as Starry Eyes, her exceptional cover of Tell That Devil and a brand new song called Angel Wings which flowed beautifully within the stylings of Dream Country.

Sarah also sang another new song to me which a lot of the audience seemed to be familiar with followed by a track titled More Issues Than Vogue which saw a large crowd sing a long.

The set closed with the ever so stunning and enchanting Halley’s Comet which I shall never tire from, this song is so clever, so artistically brilliant and live, it is even more magical.

Sarah will be back in the UK for a headline show at St Pancras Church in London December 8th for a very special Christmas show which will no doubt leave us ready for an enchanting Christmas. She will also be releasing a special Christmas album soon which we cannot wait for.




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