Shelby Darrall – Don’t – EP Review

As soon as the first few notes started I knew that I was going to like this EP. I love female singers and am always pleased when I find one that I really enjoy and Shelby is now one of those. Shelby has such a natural, beautiful voice that was meant for a career in music, I love the way she sings with such ease and how her words and notes flow so smoothly. Shelby’s voice is a melody in itself, the musical accompaniment just makes an already beautiful sound just a bit stronger.

Swim has a really pretty melody with a calming mid tempo beat which is quite dreamy. Swim is wonderful in its simplicity and takes me back to all the strong female artists we had back in the 90’s such as Fiona Apple, Heather Nova and many more.

Dirt is a stunning and powerful song which has a really strong hook to it. The violin in this song is painfully beautiful and Shelby’s voice is truly emotive and heartbreaking.

Don’t is quite acoustic driven and again is a song where Shelby’s voice alone carries the melody. This track has a nice beat to it halfway through and the song gets more powerful as it goes on.

Another stunning song comes in the form of Two heads –  a passionate and emotionally powerful yet slightly mellow tune which reminds me of Wildwood Kin. 

I can’t help but listen to this EP on repeat and will definitely be on the look out for more of Shelby’s music.

Don’t – EP by Shelby Darrall


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