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Ferris and Sylvester – The Yellow Line – EP Review

Ferris and Sylvester are one of those artists that I fear I never would have discovered had someone not sent their music to me and they are part of a very rare group of artists I am sent that I end up absolutely loving and am eternally grateful for the introduction.

I have reviewed Ferris and Sylvester before with their single Save Yourself and that’s when I became hooked, from the very first listen, the very first note. Save Yourself is a beautiful, enchanting blend of Americana, Folk and Country Blues which is a pleasure to listen to.

Issy and Archie who make up the duo are a musical match made in heaven, their voices compliment each other beautifully both creating hypnotically breathtaking vocals.

Berlin – the most recent single and is really lovely to listen to and quite enthralling with its relaxing and wonderfully chilled melody. The song is simply stunning, brilliantly produced and mesmerisingly good both sonically and lyrically.

Regarding ‘Berlin’ the band say, “’Berlin’ tells the story of a love coming to an end. The song doesn’t romanticise the situation or shy away from the stark reality of it; it shows the confusing, awkward and lonely journey of leaving someone and where that can leave you. ‘Berlin’ was the first song that we recorded in Space Mountain Studios with Youth and his team. We had loads of fun experimenting with the sound of this song, making it both intimate and epic.”

Just when I think I have found a favourite track, the next one plays and I change my mind. Cold Summer is a hauntingly beautiful, strongly Folk driven track with a chilling feeling which makes me think of the cold outside somewhere in the country and as the song is titled Cold Summer, it seems they have captured the essence of the melody perfectly to suit the title.

The EP ends with This Is What You Get which has a slight Mazzy Star feel to it which I love. Issy really does have exceptional vocals which are incredibly addictive and I just find myself wanting to listen to her voice over and over again. It’s artists such as Ferris and Sylvester and some of my favourites like previously mentioned Mazzy Star and another favourite Mindy Smith that have a rarity in the sense of being completely captivating and endlessly playable with no repetitive or heavily produced sounds.

This EP is incredibly gripping with many enchanting melodies and spellbindingly good vocals.
It is a charming and alluring handful of songs which I hope soon become part of an embracing collection of tracks on an album.

The Yellow Line EP by Ferris & Sylvester


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