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Other Genres: Kylie Odetta – Undertow – EP – Review

19-yr-old singer/songwriter Kylie Odetta is a fresh new voice to the music industry who grew up on the sounds of top 40 Pop and R&B but draws heavily from jazz piano greats such as Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk.

From what I have heard so far, Kylie is going to take the music industry by storm. It is hard to believe that Kylie is so young when she has such a raw maturity to her voice that has the sound of years of experience in her tone. Her edgy, funky, soulful tone is something to be admired and is a voice that is so incredibly infectious that you want to hear it over and over again. Kylies songwriting is also of a mature style with wonderfully emotive and relatable lyrics that really grab you.

Kylie’s music is singer/songwriter with a Jazz infused pop sound and sprinkles of R & B. From the moment I played Sunny Day I had an instant reminder of artists such as Colbie Caillat, John Legend , Donovan Frankenreiter and Jack Johnson.

I am really starting to enjoy the modern Jazz/pop style at the moment especially with female artists who have that wicked, hot jazzed style to their voice like Kylie and another newcomer Betti.

All the songs off the EP have an exciting, funky, edgy sound with most songs being up beat. Undertow and When You Come are sweet –sounding Jazz ballads with that smoky, hypnotic feel to them that would captivate you live in a jazz bar.

I do like that a lot of the songs are piano driven. YCHWYW (You Cannot Have What You Want) is one of the most R & B sounding songs off the EP with wonderful piano accompaniment.

Battleground – is an acoustic bonus track and has really nice chord structure from the guitar. I really like this song, it is pretty, adorable and simply stunning to listen to.

Stress was released as a single and it is understandable to why this song was selected as such. The song has a strong melody with the help of a fantastic selection of jazz instruments used such as piano and brass instruments with a calming Jazz beat. The way Kylie sings, she makes it seem easy, it isn’t ha!

Kylie is the type of singer whose voice is an instrument in itself, needing no accompaniment.

I really enjoyed this EP and recommend it to fans of music, the female voice and of course Jazz and R&B. It’s laid back, soulful and wonderfully addictive.

Undertow by Kylie Odetta


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