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Natalie Bouloudis – Dead Sea Scripts – EP Review

Natalie Bouloudis is a singer/songwriter from East Sussex.

Her debut EP was all recorded live at Wax Studios in London and produced by Robert Strauss.

Dead Sea Scripts is a dark, mysterious and slightly mad EP which feature songs such as Raging Forcestress that make you feel as if you have been caught in the middle of a wild and crazy dream full of chaos but in the best kind of way.

Dead Sea Scripts is a beautifully crafted EP with a collection of ghostly, hallucinating songs that have a gothic feel. The music has a bluesy-dark- folk style to it combined with a smoky Jazzy vibe.

In places, Natalie has an element of Heather Nova, PJ Harvey and Linda Perry. Her voice is deep, hypnotic and enthralling with a velvety, rich dark tone.

The songs have an impressive use of instrumentation which make the songs fuller and heavier with a wonderfully intense and deep-rooted feel and have interesting and intriguing lyrics.

I would be very interested in seeing Natalie live one day as think her shows will leave the audience in awe and mesmerised.

Dead Sea Scripts – EP by Natalie Bouloudis


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